300/365: Treats

Trick or Treat, Wholefoods, Framingham

L trick or treated while I grocery shopped. Each department was handing out treats to the kids.  L seems to get extra, but I think it was because she was dressed up. 

We all got up early and raked up the leaves before the snow hit tonight.  Dave was outside raking and L had to go and check it out.   When I went to check on L and Dave, I ended up helping.  We got most of it up which only counts for about 10% of what has fallen.

Off to hunt down treats 

She loves asking for treats.  They were handing out her favorites...chocolate and Pirate's Booty

It was pouring when we drove into the driveway.

{It seems we're all ready for bed at this point.  Even L is tired.  At 7pm she tells me, "I'm tired."}


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