Enjoying her one treat she insist on sharing with someone.  Then as we talking about heading home she told me, "I want to go with Daddy, but I'll give you a hug." 

My company had their annual children’s Halloween celebration. Three groups were assigned to a room and it’s up to them to come up with a theme which will be judged. Dave brought L in again this year. She had so much fun, she wanted to know why we had to leave.

L loved the room where she picked a pumpkin and decorated it with stickers. We had to move her along. In the next room she wanted to climb the ship and we had to tell her it was just a flat board and good treasure hunting. In the next room she got to pop the balloon for a price and then wanted to do it again. Then it was a trip “Around the World. She didn’t want to leave the because she got to hit the globe hanging over the door. I won’t want to either. You started off getting your picture taken for the passport and then it was off around the world. She found a price in the hay at the rodeo in the US, got a henna tattoo in India, climb the Great Wall of China, pinned the flower on the stem in Holland and walk the Beatles path in the UK. She didn’t want to cross the street in the UK.

It was a great afternoon for her, she got two tattoos, run around attending all the activity and picked up a lot of candy along the way!

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