295/365: Tired

Bubbles while Daddy moves the lawn

After swim lessons, baking a blueberry cake and watching Toy Story 3 {three times in two days} L and I went for a bike ride while Dave worked on the lawn.  Right after we got back from the bike ride L had to play with bubbles.

L loves frozen blueberries...evident on her face and now on her clothes

It was  lazy Sunday.  By 2pm, L and I were on the couch watching another movie {Tangled aka The Girl and the Horse} since I couldn't watch Toy Story 3 AGAIN.  She's obsessed with the movie.  We both fell asleep during the movie waking up to make our weekly library run and run to the store to get apple sauced.  I couldn't believe what I heard from the back seat of the car, "You tire me out, Mommy."  I didn't think I would ever hear those words come out of her mouth.  It's usually reversed.  She tires us out.

Before heading to the library, L had to change her babies diapers {there's three today} and put them to bed.  She tells me to be quiet and to tip toe out of the room because they are sleeping.

Back to Toy Story 3...after dinner, she tried to get Dave to put Toy Story 3 on, but he said no as well.  We know she's seen it too many times, because she's quoting from it...."reach for the sky."   


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