288/365: Here and There

Celebrating with Wholefoods...10 years in Framingham

L and I did the usual things this morning with some added outings.   We went grocery shopping, made trip to the library and then went to "Pie on the Commons" held by one of the local churches.  Then we went and celebrated with Wholefoods...10 years in Framingham. 

Pie on the Commons had tables after tables of pie and treats.  It also included vendors selling their goods.  It was a beautiful day and we always like to just walk around and explore.

Pie on the Commons

L had to pet every doggie we saw...there's a rule.  She has to ask the owner first and she has to do the asking.  L also had to try on every hat she saw.  She wants a tiger hat and has wanted one since we saw some teenagers in the mall a couple of weeks ago.

Wholefoods 10 years in Framingham

Wholefoods always has something for the kids. Today's kids activity include art and crafts and a balloon artist.  L wanted a bunny on a hat.  He originally was going with a white bunny.  He ended with a the pink and purples bunny.   The artist made the mistrake of asking L what colors she wanted.  I think he wanted to added white to it but she wanted yellow and red. 

Wholefood had great food and live music.  L loved the music.  There was someone on the steel drums and deejaying. 

All this was before noon.  We were up early on this Saturday and by 1pm we were tired.


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