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300/365: Treats

Trick or Treat, Wholefoods, Framingham
L trick or treated while I grocery shopped. Each department was handing out treats to the kids.  L seems to get extra, but I think it was because she was dressed up. 

We all got up early and raked up the leaves before the snow hit tonight.  Dave was outside raking and L had to go and check it out.   When I went to check on L and Dave, I ended up helping.  We got most of it up which only counts for about 10% of what has fallen.
Off to hunt down treats 
She loves asking for treats.  They were handing out her favorites...chocolate and Pirate's Booty
It was pouring when we drove into the driveway.

{It seems we're all ready for bed at this point.  Even L is tired.  At 7pm she tells me, "I'm tired."}

299/365: Snow

First snow fall of the season and L wanted to explore.

298/365: Dance

A little dancing around the house to get you going in the morning
L wants to take ballet this winter.  She's so excited she's been practicing.

297/365: Laundry

Putting her clothes away one pile at a time

Before bed L helped put her clothes away. First the pile of shirts, then pants, then underwear, socks and bathing suits. She grabbed so many they kept falling.


Enjoying her one treat she insist on sharing with someone.  Then as we talking about heading home she told me, "I want to go with Daddy, but I'll give you a hug."
My company had their annual children’s Halloween celebration. Three groups were assigned to a room and it’s up to them to come up with a theme which will be judged. Dave brought L in again this year. She had so much fun, she wanted to know why we had to leave.
L loved the room where she picked a pumpkin and decorated it with stickers. We had to move her along. In the next room she wanted to climb the ship and we had to tell her it was just a flat board and good treasure hunting. In the next room she got to pop the balloon for a price and then wanted to do it again. Then it was a trip “Around the World. She didn’t want to leave the because she got to hit the globe hanging over the door. I won’t want to either. You started off getting your picture taken for the passport and then it was off around the world. She fou…

296/365: Striped

We're working on getting L to pick out her clothes and dress herself in the morning.  It's a struggle and she procrastinates {much to my annoyance}.There’s always one excuse or another.“I haven’t watched tv yet” or “in a minute” or “I need cereal first.”To speed up the process she wants our help.

If she picks her clothes they all have to match.  In her mind, as long as everything has the same color in it the it matches.  The large striped dark pink shirt matches the small light pink striped pants.  "See it matches, pink and pink."

She wanted to do her hair all by herself this morning.

295/365: Tired

Bubbles while Daddy moves the lawn
After swim lessons, baking a blueberry cake and watching Toy Story 3 {three times in two days} L and I went for a bike ride while Dave worked on the lawn.  Right after we got back from the bike ride L had to play with bubbles.
L loves frozen blueberries...evident on her face and now on her clothes
It was  lazy Sunday.  By 2pm, L and I were on the couch watching another movie {Tangled aka The Girl and the Horse} since I couldn't watch Toy Story 3 AGAIN.  She's obsessed with the movie.  We both fell asleep during the movie waking up to make our weekly library run and run to the store to get apple sauced.  I couldn't believe what I heard from the back seat of the car, "You tire me out, Mommy."  I didn't think I would ever hear those words come out of her mouth.  It's usually reversed.  She tires us out.

Before heading to the library, L had to change her babies diapers {there's three today} and put them to bed.  She tells …

294/365: Who Moved the Pumpkins

Nice October day...checking on the berries  We had a case of "who moved the pumpkins" this past week.  Every day L and I would find our pumpkins moved from the front steps.  Something was also eating them.  We caught them in action trying to get to another.  We've lost two out of the four we picked in Dayton a couple of weeks ago.

L attended a birthday party Saturday night.  What a wonderful place to hold a party for preschoolers.  There was about one hour of free/group play followed by pizza and cake.  L enjoyed it, but was reluctant at times.  She kept wanting to know when we were going to open gifts.  She wanted to play with the gift she picked out.

293/365: Monster Face





Dave had training tonight so I had pick up. I fed her left over while I cooked tonight's dinner.  After she ate her dinner and while Dave was putting a load of laundry in the wash, L ate all his rice.

290/365: Bandaid

L had a birthday to attend this past weekend. Her friend had the stomach flu. I told L it was postponed because her friend, "A" was sick and had the stomach bug. L's response, "her Mommy will put a bandaid on the stomach bug."


There's one swim lesson left and L is already talking about how she wants to go back. She's become quite competitive. She finally went down the slide into the water after "N" went down. "I want to do it just like N."

Here's a video of L riding her bike through the neighborhood calling out like an animal.  The neighbors got a kick out of it.

288/365: Here and There

Celebrating with Wholefoods...10 years in Framingham
L and I did the usual things this morning with some added outings.   We went grocery shopping, made trip to the library and then went to "Pie on the Commons" held by one of the local churches.  Then we went and celebrated with Wholefoods...10 years in Framingham. 

Pie on the Commons had tables after tables of pie and treats.  It also included vendors selling their goods.  It was a beautiful day and we always like to just walk around and explore.
Pie on the Commons
L had to pet every doggie we saw...there's a rule.  She has to ask the owner first and she has to do the asking.  L also had to try on every hat she saw.  She wants a tiger hat and has wanted one since we saw some teenagers in the mall a couple of weeks ago.
Wholefoods 10 years in Framingham
Wholefoods always has something for the kids. Today's kids activity include art and crafts and a balloon artist.  L wanted a bunny on a hat.  He originally was going wi…


"A marching we will go, a marching we will go. March, march, march..." Off to bed for her.

286/365: Sweet

Our sweet child.  One of L's treats when she and Dave go get gas is to buy a package of chocolate chip cookies.  On this night they ate one and then L told Dave to save the other one for after dinner.  After dinner Dave and L split the cookie.  She turned to me and asked me if I want to have half.


L's friend "A" turned 4 years old a day ago. Each friend received a goody bag. L is so fascinated by this toy.

284/365: Sand

L taking her shoes off at the door and pouring the sand out.  It's much better than her sitting on the potty and taking her shoes off and pouring the sand right on the rug.  Last week she did this and when Dave told her not to do it again.  She stared right at him and took off her other shoe and poured it out. 

O's for breakfast.  This morning she promised to listen to Daddy since he would be dropping her off.
I had picked out her outfit for the day.  This was not the outfit.  She told me she wanted to wear her butterfly shirt.

283/365: Chatty

Chatting with Auntie Van
L has become quite the "Chatty Kathy." When I got home from work she wanted to talk on the phone.  L spent Columbus Day with Dave since I had to work.  It's funny to hear Dave talk about how much energy L has and how she had worn him out.  This coming from someone who has just as much energy.  He doesn't sit still.

L tells me they went to the park, went to Daddy's work, watch a movie with Joey.  L has become quite brave.  I was shocked to hear she went next door all by herself and knocked on the door to ask if Joey could come out and play.  They ended up watching a movie instead.

282/365: Harris Farm

Posing at Harris Farm ~ Dayton, Maine
L loved her weekend in Maine and wanted to know why we had to leave on Sunday.  It's hard to pull her away.  If she could spend her days in Maine and night at home with us, she would jump at it.  She loves to spend time at her Ba Noi and Ba Nguoi's houses (her grandmothers).
Here are a few of my favorite photos from Sunday.
She waited for Ba Noi and me while we finished or walk.  She was tired half way through and ran back to the house to stay with Ong Noi.

We went to Harris Farm to get photos taken by Joseph McKenney and to pick pumpkins.

L and Ba Noi on the way to get photos taken

L picked her gord and wanted to show us this.

She loved the hayrides to and from the pumpkin patch.

It was a delightful weekend.

281/365: Pumpkin Valley Farm

Pumpkin Valley Farm, Dayton, Maine
L loved the tire swing...she wants her "Daddy" to build one at the house.

Pumpkin Valley Farm...we went again this year.  Two years in a row it didn't feel like Fall.  It was more like summer with 80 degree weather.  There were things L did this year that she won't go near last year.  Last year she refused to go on the Cow train, but it was the first thing she wanted to go on. 
{click to enlarge}
She won't do this last year.


Friday L needed a hat and coat before leaving for daycare. This weekend was such a different story.

279/365: Baby Beauty

She insists on holding my smoothie
L's funny face
L found brushing her hair to be a humorous task this morning. 
She does love her babies.  She's gone from having Pizza to multiple babies.  Meet "Baby Beauty."  I was corrected that morning.   "Her name isn't Beauty, it's Baby Beauty."  Can you picture her saying this while her head is shaking?!?


Our spunky little girl.  These photos put a smile on my face.