Enjoying her favorite after dinner.

Yesterday, I received an email from daycare.  It made me laugh and think what a clever little girl.

"This morning when Dave dropped Lyla off she decided she wanted to draw at the art table. So she draws a picture and comes to tell me about it. She drew: a big blue circle and told me it was Daddy, a big yellow circle and told me it was Mommy, a smaller circle and told me it was Lyla, and then she drew 2 small brown circles and told me it was her brother and sister! I asked her where they came from and she said, "Mommy will have them!"

As you read this you may be thinking I'm pregnant...I'm NOT.  I have a very imaginative child.  L and I had a discussion this morning before daycare about her telling people I was having a baby.  She tells me, "I have a brother."  I think Logan has something to do with L wanting a "baby brother."


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