260/365: Pizza

Taking her babies for a ride in the car
Pizza...poor Pizza.  In packing Pizza with the other things for L's "I'm Special" week at daycare I neglected to think that L lost a playmate for the weekend. 

Poor L was on the verge of tears when she said,  "but I miss her."  Can I blame it on Mommy brains?!?  Or is the grace period passed?  She asked about Pizza all day long.  I thought about calling the school.  L made me feel a little better when she told me she would play with these until we could get Pizza.  She asked me what the baby's name was.  

L: What is her name?
Me:  What do you want it to be?
L: Beauty. (We watched Beauty and the Beast this morning)
Me:  That's the perfect name. 


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