254/365: Cookies

My big helper

Swim lessons started today.  It's amazing how much L has improved in one year.  After taking a year off from lessons, because she didn't want to go anymore, L got got right out there.  There was a new confidence about her which made us proud.

{click to enlarge}

After lessons, L and I finished cleaning the garden and planted lavender for next year.  We went bike riding.  She fell off three times, but got right back one.  The first time scared her, but she's a trooper.  While crying she got right back on.  She learned quick and the last two times she caught herself.  She was trying to ride like Mom and just didn't have the balance. 

We went shopping and then baked cookies.  She reminder me that I told her we would bake cookies.  While dinner was cooking she and I whipped up a quick batch of chocolate chip before dinner and another bike ride.  She brought Joe some cookies.  I could hear her yelling, "Who Ha" over and over while delivering the cookies.   She can put a smile on anyone face.

Here's a video from today's cookie adventure.


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