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Ummm...what did L have for dessert tonight?!?

Not only does she love to make funny faces at me she is also making up her song. Her own song? Maybe not, but taking show tunes and putting her own words to them. Like the "Wonder Pets" theme song.   It goes something like this:

We're on our way
To help a friend
And save the day
We're not too big
And we're not too tough
But when we work together
We've got the right stuff
Go, Underpants, ya'ay

272/365: The Face

She loves to makes this face at me.  She thinks it's hysterical!




She had a blast tonight at Papa Gino's. It was great to see how excited to see all her friends.

Follow me...Papa Gino's, Framingham

269/365: Social

She's our social calendar. Last night at dinner she announced we were having Papa Gino's for dinner tomorrow. I raised my brows and asked her why she thinks that. "Tomorrow is Papa Gino's night. Mrs. A said so. She did."

I had to check the date of the fundraiser. She was correct.


She has more and more confidence with every lesson.

267/365: Butterfly

Enjoying ice cream at Gonneville, Biddeford
L and I went to Maine for a short weekend trip.   Swim lessons first thing Sunday mornings cut most trips to Maine short now.  We went to to the Shaker Hill Apple Festival with Ba Noi where L picked out her Halloween costume...a blue butterfly.  She originally wanted to be Red Riding Hood with a blue cape, but on this day wanted to be a blue butterfly. 

L fluttered through the fields at Giles Family farm.  No apple picking trip could have been any cuter.


All L's friends who come for a ride have to be buckled in. If I forget she lets me know and tells me she'll remind me next time.


Enjoying her favorite after dinner.
Yesterday, I received an email from daycare.  It made me laugh and think what a clever little girl.
"This morning when Dave dropped Lyla off she decided she wanted to draw at the art table. So she draws a picture and comes to tell me about it. She drew: a big blue circle and told me it was Daddy, a big yellow circle and told me it was Mommy, a smaller circle and told me it was Lyla, and then she drew 2 small brown circles and told me it was her brother and sister! I asked her where they came from and she said, "Mommy will have them!"
As you read this you may be thinking I'm pregnant...I'm NOT.  I have a very imaginative child.  L and I had a discussion this morning before daycare about her telling people I was having a baby.  She tells me, "I have a brother."  I think Logan has something to do with L wanting a "baby brother."


L checking to see if Dadddy packed her "Pirate's Boot-te"

L says to me on the drive home yesterday.

"Daddy says, mind your business. When I look at people,  he says, mind your business. He's so silly."


A little silliness before daycare.

262/365: Cheese


261/365: Celebrating

A beautiful butterfly...she didn't want Dave to wash her face at bath time.

L attended a "Circus" birthday party for Isabella and Reed today.  Her favorite parts were riding on the pony and the face painting. 
We almost missed it {arriving about an hour late}.  We lost track of time and Dave reminded us about about 30 minutes before the party started.    We got busy.  L had her swim lesson this morning and then she and I went for a bike ride and decided to bake a cake. 
The cake was delicious.  We would make it again.  If a recipe passes with Dave, then we know it's a good one.  The recipe is from AllRecipes One Bowl Chocolate Cake III.  The only change I made was adding a cup of unsweetened cocoa powder verses 3/4 cup the recipe calls for.  I also baked it in a 9x13 baking pan for about 50 minutes.

260/365: Pizza

Taking her babies for a ride in the car Pizza...poor Pizza.  In packing Pizza with the other things for L's "I'm Special" week at daycare I neglected to think that L lost a playmate for the weekend. 
Poor L was on the verge of tears when she said,  "but I miss her."  Can I blame it on Mommy brains?!?  Or is the grace period passed?  She asked about Pizza all day long.  I thought about calling the school.  L made me feel a little better when she told me she would play with these until we could get Pizza.  She asked me what the baby's name was.  
L: What is her name? Me:  What do you want it to be? L: Beauty. (We watched Beauty and the Beast this morning) Me:  That's the perfect name.

259/365: I'm Special

She certainly doesn't get this from us.  L enjoying the last drops of her cereal and milk.

Next week is "I'm Special" week at daycare.  L had to get together her favorites things for show and tell and to share with her friends.
Here's a video of L talking about what she is bringing to daycare.


Ready for daycare...carrying both our lunches.


A sweaty L settling down for dinner after hot afternoon on the playground.

It was bright this morning and L too bright for L.


Early morning freshness
This is table setting L style.



254/365: Cookies

My big helper

Swim lessons started today.  It's amazing how much L has improved in one year.  After taking a year off from lessons, because she didn't want to go anymore, L got got right out there.  There was a new confidence about her which made us proud.

{click to enlarge}
After lessons, L and I finished cleaning the garden and planted lavender for next year.  We went bike riding.  She fell off three times, but got right back one.  The first time scared her, but she's a trooper.  While crying she got right back on.  She learned quick and the last two times she caught herself.  She was trying to ride like Mom and just didn't have the balance. 

We went shopping and then baked cookies.  She reminder me that I told her we would bake cookies.  While dinner was cooking she and I whipped up a quick batch of chocolate chip before dinner and another bike ride.  She brought Joe some cookies.  I could hear her yelling, "Who Ha" over and over while delivering the cookies.…

253/365: A Little of Everything

Celebrating with Mom and Dad
It's probably one of the last nice summer weather weekends so we took full advantage of it.  The bike I've been thinking about getting made it's way to our home.  L and I went out Saturday morning and tested a few.  I got the one she happened to the be one that fit me the best.

The garden received a cleaning. The last of the vegetables were picked and then we cleaned the raised beds.  We couldn't have all work without off to the park.

We went to a new park {new to us}.  It's a nice playground perfect for a little one {Framingham's Block playground}.  This one didn't have any children at it so I was L's playmate.   Yes, she's quite bossy.  There's nothing like being a passenger and having to get on the train when Conductor L says, "all aboard" and being told where to sit.  Or, when I have to be the conductor and put both my hands on the staring wheel. Oh, there's pit stops too...the …

Happy Anniversary

How could I get so lucky. On our 7th...Happy Anniversary to my love.


L trying to button her sweater.

Today was not a photo day for L.

251/365: Funny Face

Two more L photos taken by L.  


These two photos were taken by L.  It's on a tripod I had set up yesterday for our shot.  She loves to check out the shot, take the picture and run to the chair to get in the frame.  


L and I on her first day of the new preschool year at Crossroads.

Our "big girl."  She came home telling me she was upset when one of the girls told her she wasn't a big girl.  She was satisfied when we told her she was a big girl.

248/365: Labor Day

L was so upset when Auntie Van, Uncle Tuan, Logan and Riley left.  She was so upset she kept saying,
Why did they have to leave?I want to go with them.Why didn't you put my car seat in their car?Where was Riley?  I didn't see him.I'm going to miss them.Why can't I go with them?
L was exhausted from the weekend.  When I went to tell her "it's bed time" she was passed out.

Happy Labor Day.

247/365: Logan

She's so in love with the little guy and
and his family.
L loved having them visit.  She enjoys their company and hates their good byes. 
On Sunday, we headed into Boston for our family photos.  It's been two years since we got our photos taken as a family.

We ended at L's favorite spot in Boston and yet another carousel ride.  She waded in the Frog Pond and wanted to take her clothes off.

She wants to do everything for Logan and "gentle" is used a lot when she's near him.

246/365: Picking Season

More treats.  This picking trip was more about eating and less about picking.
Tougas Family Farm, Northborough
L is so in love with Logan.  The first thing she got to do {after turning on the t.v.} was hold Logan.  We went peach, nectarine, apple and plum picking at Tougas Family Farm.  We were hoping to pick berries as well, but the crop went with Irene.
It turned out to be a hot day, but L refused to change.  She wanted to wear her butterfly dress with it's long sleeves.  After the picking she finally agreed to changed.  L spent more time eating than she did picking.  She loved the nectarines {just like Dave}. 

Logan seemed to have slept through most of it..from the picking to the playground, and animal feeding.