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This was how prepared we were for Irene.  Yes, we need to do a better job on getting things together.  We had plenty of water and didn't buy much food, but the rest was an after thought.


This is L's go to meal when her choices can not include spaghetti, pizza or pb&j. The "J" has to be blueberry.  It can't be just any blueberry.  There are certain labels she enjoys.  She instantly knows if she like the jelly or not.  Oh, she tells us.  I think she is like her father in this way.

241/365: Clean Up

We're starting to clean up the yard. You can usually see down the yard to our little garden.  We lucked out...our neighbor to the right of us still has no power.

My favorite subject to photograph isn't here this week so you'll get some random photos.  Only 124 days left of Project 365.  It may go through the New Year since I didn't capture the first two weeks of January.

240/365: Irene

Other than using power for most of the day. Irene wasn't so bad to us. Coming back from dinner tonight we say many of our neighbors who were affected by Irene. Many had trees on their homes or uprooted trees. Our neighbor to the left of us had wires come down in our lawn.

It was nice to see a light on in the house when we got back from dinner.

239/365: Science Museum

L, all excited about the Audiokinetic sculpture at the Science Museum.
We met friends at the Science Museum on Saturday before dropping L off at Ba and Ong Noi's for the week.   We dropped her off a day early because of Irene.

L was excited about the T-Rex and watching the Audiokinetic sculpture.  There was also an interactive play area where she loved to spin herself.  You're supposed to have someone else spin you but she preferred to spin using her foot.

I see you Mommy.

The Discovery Center, bubbles.

L and Em watching the Audiokinetic sculpture.

238/365: Summer's End

L and her friends, Crossroads

Today was the last day of summer camp...a carnival was a good way to end the summer.  L heads to Maine for the week tomorrow.

Ball toss

Miror, miror...L had to think long and hard before deciding to get her face painted.

L and Neha waiting in line to get their face painted.  Neha got a cat.  L wanted a blue race car across her face.  We convince her to get the dalmatian.

After she finally waited in line {she lost her spot several times} we headed to the salon for a haircut.

L precut...all smiles.

L cried for about 5 seconds once she heard her name.  She stopped when I told her the tears would wipe her face paint away.

237/365: Arrival

Arriving at CrossRoads

Each morning L runs to the door and punches in the code for the door.  She barely reaches the number pad, but has memorized the number pattern to unlock the door.

This morning the kids were making a farewell sign for Ms. Brittany who goes back to college.

236/365: Eye

This is a spill over from last night.  We had eye drama...L came home with a swollen eye which was all red and tearing.  Tearing when she wasn't hysterically crying.  I put a cold compress on it hoping it would go down and relieve some of the pain she was complaining about.  Then I called the doctor.  L refused to eat dinner and when we tried to flush her eye out she cried even more.  L hates to have water in her face. 

Good news it wasn't conjunctivas.  She had gotten dirt/sand in her eye from the playground.  She finally told us she and a friend were throwing sand at each other.

She woke up complaining it was to bright...hence the sunglasses.

Dave signed L up for swim lessons yesterday.  We finally talked L into going back to swim lessons.  It took almost a full year, but she's willing to try it.  This time Dave will not be in the pool with her.  We're working on "you have to get your head wet in the pool."

235/365: Cheese

When you ask L to say cheese, she either runs away or gives you a silly smile. The chin goes up, teeth come together and she says cheese with her whole body. 1 out of 5 turns out well.

I've put together photo montages of L's first three years.  Here's year one.  Two and three will be posted soon.


All laughs before bed.

Her hair is getting long.  We talked about getting a hair cut all weekend, but time was not on our side.

233/365: Instigator

REI ~ Its all about Love and Peace

A sweaty L.  After her trip to the playground with Dave and before our trip to check out bikes.  We're thinking about getting bikes to ride with L.  The trip to the playground this morning resulted in  L making two kids cry and taking a spill.  Can you see all the band aids on her?!?  I think the last time she went with Dave she got hurt as well.

She like this bike until she got the chain jammed.

Testing out bikes her size.  She's not getting a new one.

After dinner walk.  Dave calls her the "Instigator."   She laughs after taunting the animals with her horn.

232/365: Buttefly release 2

Playing pretend...this was her car and the coins started it. The book was her seats.

We release the butterflies yesterday.  It went much better this time.


The last of the butterflies emerged on Friday.  We're going to try and release them today {if the weather holds up}.


L was excited about what was happening on the tv.  She loves her "Little Bear" in the morning.  She called me to come and look.


We're both under the weather.   It's always Dave first, but it's us this time around.  You can see it in L.  It means I get more cuddles and hugs.  It's always good....hearing, "Mommeee."

228/365: Peter Rabbit

Reading Peter Rabbit to herself.  She loves this book.   It's good she understands the moral of the story as well.

227/365: Let It Shine

8.15.11 ~ Traveler's Restaurant, Western MA.

Before leaving NJ yesterday, L had to cover Logan up. She thought he was cold.  She's obsessed with babies now.  Even at the grocery store she told me she wanted a baby.

Logan and L before we headed home.
 L was coloring and singing as we waited for our late lunch.

226/365: Logan's Baptism

Logan and his parents
The and Tien {Tuan's twin}.  We all look quite a like.

The Van Nguyen side of the family.  My sister married a Nguyen.
I think L enjoyed the Baptism.  She at least enjoyed using my camera.  L took the second and third photos in the first row.  Dave said, she asked why I didn't sit with them during the Baptism. 

The grandparents and Tuan's side of the family.  Logan was such a good baby during the ceremony.  He was so well behaved and even fell asleep during the ceremony.  L was the opposite. 

After the Baptism, we all gathered at Van and Tuan's house.  L ran around with the girls.  She and Kara jumped on the couch and ended in a pig pile.  When the little girls ran in circles.  I got the question..."What is wrong with your daughter?"  Insert smile.  She might have started it all.  Vivian, one of the little girls took a liking to Dave and just came up and sat on his lap.  L wouldn't allow this.  She joined …

225/365: New Jersey Bound

8.13.11 ~  We're packing and L was buckling Pizza in the driver seat.

Saturday was the beginning of our trip to New Jersey for Logan's baptism.  L had a lot of junk and threw up in the car {the second time in her 3 years...quite amazing}.  We were only 30 minutes from Auntie Van and Uncle Tuan's house.  She was banned from sugar for the rest of the trip.  Also, there were no more "Cheez-its and chocolate milk."

She was fine to go in the pools once we checked into the hotel.  Poor Dave was a good sport {see third picture at the top}.  After the pool we headed over to Van and Tuan's for dinner.