184/365: Boston Day Part 1- Children's Museum

7.3.11 ~ Frog Pond, Boston

On Sunday, we spent the day in Boston.  We did a lot in the day so there's two parts to Boston Day.  L was excited when I told her we were going to the Children's Museum where she could play with all their toys.  All their toys got her...

The Museum is right on the waterfront.  The setting was beautiful.  L loved seeing the ducks and wanted to catch one.  We joke she's like a dog.  She's always chasing after the animals she sees especially birds and squirrels.

A content Logan slept through most of the day.

As soon as you walk into the Museum, you'll see a climbing maze.  Between the first two stops...the maze and the bubbles room...we didn't think we would make it to the other exhibits.
Bubbles, one of L's favorite.  Here favorite in the room was trying to create a bubble around her whole body.  Here's a picture list of all that we saw.

In the common area there were butterflies and marbles that attached to your body.

We visited the construction zone, the water tables, doll houses, Peep's World and one of the main features...Arthur's World.  We even followed the yellow brick road.

In Arthur's world, you can see yourself on tv.  You could also play in the school or Arthur's kitchen.

L enjoyed the Raceways...she watched as the golf balls raced through the loops, down the slope and around the bend. 

L raised her hand to be a volunteer for The Three Little Pigs play.  She wanted to be the wolf or one of the pigs.  I love the idea that she was brave.

Kid's Power was great...L thought she could lift herself.

By 12:30 we were all hungry so we went into China Town for lunch.  L got her favorite...noodles.


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