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212/365: Pretend It's Raining

Let's pretend it's raining
We spent most of the day at Uncle Dung and Aunt Amy's house.  L wanted to go swimming.  There's a rule...if you want to do something, you need to be the one to ask.  We made the call last night.  I dialed, but L had to ask for permission to use their pool.

We got home late afternoon and L was restless.  I suggested we go for a walk.  She said, "let's pretend it's raining outside."  She got her boots and umbrella.  Good thing she didn't ask for her rain coat.  She kept asking me where my umbrella was.

211/365: Nobscot Beach

7.30.11 ~ Nobscot Beach, Framingham

Before Nobscot Beach:
L went to the babysit while Dave was at the gym and I got a hair cut
We made a trip to Michael's for party supplies
We cleaned and fed the caterpillars and found our first Chrysalis (Pupa)
We all went for a bike ride/walk

210/365: Squirrel Chasing

7.29.11 ~ Friday morning squirrel chasing.


7.28.11 ~ It's been too fun this summer.  Mornings are tough.

We went on a caterpillar food hunt tonight after dinner...just around the neighborhood.  L and I ended up driving to a place that had them.
"I'm faster than you."

208/365: Big Girl

7.27.11 ~ Come Mommy

She makes us happy.  I'm so thankful she has invited us into her world and is the sweetest little thing EVER! 

She sayings things like:
"You want some?" 
"Thank you, Mommy." 
"I gave you a squeeze hug."
"Come Mommy come."
"Good job Mommy."
"Can I do it?"
"I did it!"
"That's my favorite."

We moved L into a booster seat..."I know I will love it."
She buckled herself in and was so proud of herself.  "I did it ALL.BY.MYSELF.  I'm a big girl now.  Tell Daddy I did it.  Okay, Mommy?"

207/365: Caterpillar Food

Chocolate face and all ~ Plimpton Field, Framingham
After dinner L and I went to find caterpillar food for our caterpillar.   Our little caterpillar {not so small any now} has three new tiny friends.

A bit tired before daycare.


"I disappear them."  She meant to say I made them disappear.  She's referencing tonight's dinner...chicken and string beans
Dinner took her a long time to finish tonight.  She was still working on her dinner while we had our dinner, dessert and was cleaning up.

205/365: Happy Dance

Our vacation comes to an end today.  It was a great vacation which gets a happy dance.

L thinks her bedtime is on vacation. 

204/365: More Water

Becca and L ~ More water for L today. 
Poor kid woke up to find her Dad was at work...she started crying and had to talk to him.  She stopped after talking to him.  On our way home from Uncle Dung and Aunt Amy's pool, she had me call him to make sure he was home.  She missed him the few days we were in Maine and he was home working.
L with some of her cousins.

Before heading to the pool and after L had calm down she helped with the macaroni salad with all her normal enthusiasm.

203/365: Free Spirit

07.22.11 ~ Dayton, Maine

Our last day in Maine and our little free spirit wanted to spend the morning running around naked.  Before heading to a birthday lunch with Ba Noi, L played in the water.  Then Ba Noi helped us collect some caterpillar to take home.

We always have a project going.  Our garden projects seems to be coming to an end.  The peas never really came out.  The beans are done.  Our red peppers {just a few} and cucumbers just coming out.  We told Dave to water the garden while we were in Maine, but he forgot.

L checking out the little caterpillar.
When we got home, L explained to me how to give the caterpillar water {just the way Ba Noi did}.  She is so funny and darn cute.  Now if I only could stop myself from saying "freakin," because she uses it now.


07.21.11 ~ L, Thomas and Em in Kennebunk
Yet another day in the water.  We spent the morning in the pool and then headed to Colony Beach to hang out with Maggie, Sabrina, Dylan and Molly.  I wouldn't let L get into another bathing suit.  She played along the coast line. 

The duck dance
She does have to work for all the fun we're having.  No, she enjoys doing everything herself.

201/365: Pine Point Beach

07.20.11 ~ Scarborough, Maine
On Wednesday, L and I went to the beach with Ba Noi.  

This vacation was all about water...pool and ocean.

200/365: Beach

7.19.11 ~ Colony Beach, Kennebunkport

After our trip to Story Land we headed to Maine for the rest of the week.  L and I got our bathing suits on and headed Colony Beach in Kennebunkport.  Uncle Hai, Aunt Dolly, Taylor and some friends showed up.

There was castle building, grab catching and swimming to be done.

199/365: Big Kids or Little Kids

7.18.11 ~  L and Dave, Story Land
On our second day at Story Land we met up with Nicole, Michael and the kids.  I'm not sure who had more fun...the Big Kids or the Little Kids.

L went on the Polar Coaster the second day with some convincing.  She passed on the second go round.

Dr. Geyser's Raft Ride

After Splash Battle and The Great Balloon Chase the Men and Kids had to dry off in the human heater.  

L had to drive the swan boat.

And her favorite...Carousel.  She made Dave sit in the back so she can ride all by herself.

The men had to hop with the kiddies

L finally posed with Cinderella.

She did some dancing and a big high five.

She drive the farm tractor.

She and Dave loved shooting to from above.  Story Land was wonderful and we loved it.

198/365: Story Land Part 1

7.17.11 ~ On our way to Story Land, Glen, NH

We're on vacation this week...three days in North Conway with 2 visits to Story Land and four days in Maine.  L was so excited to be going on vacation.

As we came in L posed with the clown.  She rode on all the major rides...Polar Coaster, Bamboo Shoots, Flying Fish, etc.  On the second day, she wasn't so brave.

At the end of the day, the characters met us at the exit.  We asked L if she wanted to see Cinderella or Mother Goose.  She chose Mother Goose.

She posed with the clown one last time before we left.  Our friends were camping close by so we headed there for a visit before heading back to the hotel for a late dinner.