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Every photo taken this morning had L pulling or tugging at her clothes or scratching herself.   The phrase most used by L of late, "wedgie Mommy."


"I'm going to eat the bubbles."

L is ready and out the door in the morning...she wanted to play with bubbles before daycare.

Classic L, arms always dangling and moving.
She wanted me to take a picture of her ring this morning.


"Why do I have to brush my teeth every day?"
Monday again...most of us think and say this.  L's, she's ready for it.  The kids finally got to go in the pool for swim lessons today.

177/365: Bubbly

L trying to eat the bubbles.

We finally found the best tool for L's love of bubbles.  The small wands works, but the big wand makes the most bubbles.  L and I dragged Dave all through Target today in search of bubbles and the wands.  We thought it was in the toy section, but it was across the store in the summer section.  I told him this is how we do it.  We come for a purpose and end up exploring...we lose ourselves in discovering new things.

Tonight I asked Dave if there is a tape measure laying around {I didn't want to go down to the basement to get one}.  L comes into the spare/computer room and tells me she knows where there is one.  She says its upstairs..."Come Mommy.  I'll show you.  Follow me."  I told Dave I would be really impressed if there is one upstairs.  L says, "see right there."  She is pointing to her height chart on the wall in her room. 
I have to give it to her that is pretty clever.


L's outfit for Lowe's.  It's all about the accessorizing and blue.
We spent the day shopping and organizing our clutter. L wanted to paint her toes.
She wanted blue because it's her favorite she has to remind me everyday.

L telling Dave she can pay with her bracelets
After her paint job we were off to Lowe's.  L was rushing me out the door.
L:  Come Mommy come Me:  I need to grab my wallet  first L:  We can pay with these {her bracelets} Me:  Go tell Daddy that and tell me what he says 
Dave rolled his eyes and had to explain to her no.  We're trying to explain to her the value of a dollar and she needs money to buy the things she wants.  Today she wanted a toy at the store.  I told her she spent her money on belts and sunglasses at Target.  She says, "can I borrow some."  Some woman in another aisle stepped out of hers to laugh and was impressed by the response.  We get this a lot in the stores.  Apparently L and my conversations must carry. 

We …


Pizza day and they went on a bear hunt.
L came home and told Dave she went on a bear hunt at daycare.  She spent the night telling us about it and singing This Little Light of Mine over and over again. 
We finally bagged up her old books for Logan.  I asked her which one was her favorite.  She proceeded to move books from one pile to the next saying this is my favorite for every book.


"Come Mommy." 
L checked the weather and found it to be hot and so she took her coat off even though it was sprinkling. Then she saw a squirrel and ran after it and around the tree to try to see it. She told me she was trying to catch it for me and maybe tomorrow she'll be able to catch it.

Since its Thursday night, I received the McDonald's call. "Mommy, can we go to McDonald's?" She wants to go just to use the playground. I suggested the mall since they have a play area...I'm sure Dave was thrilled about me giving L the suggestion.

I hear Dave asking L if she needed to go potty. "I don't need to go potty." Dave asked her again. "No, I have to go poop." I can only guess they made a stop at the house before heading off to the mall.

Before hanging up:

Me: Bye honey, I love you
L: I love you
Me: I love you more darling
L: I love you more darling

L loves to use the words of endearment we use...dear, darling, honey, precious.  On…


It's L through the looking glass.
It's either L checking the weather or closing the door on me as she leaves.  She thinks it's so funny, especially when my hands are full.  She takes off towards the care.

172/365: Oh, Yeah

It was the last thing she had to do before we left.  There a many reminders and "Oh, yeah." that follows.

171/365: Summer

L enjoying her morning milk before we head off.  She had her O's and then milk..."Daddy didn't get me my O's because I was sleeping."  I had to wake a sleepy child this morning.
Today is the first day of the summer program at Crossroads.  L loves water, but does not care for pools.  She used to love the pool, but had one bad experience {stranger anxiety} and has not wanted to get into another pool.  We're hoping the swim lessons this summer at daycare will help her get over her fears.  We're hoping she'll see her friends doing it and want to do it.
She definitely wants to go back to the beach.  "Can we go to the beach tomorrow?"

170/365: Dress Up { Happy Father's Day}

6.19.11 ~ Framingham, Minnie L
It was a great weekend and Father's Day {we love you Dave!}.  This little spit fire is 1/2 you...amazing in every way.

We left Maine, but before departing we all went for a walk {L rode her bike}, L gave Emmitt treats and love, and she played in the yard.  She also helped Ba Noi water the plants. 

Love for Emmitt.  They are much alike.

Playing in the yard...kicking the soccer ball and teaching Ba Noi how to score.  Oh, she tried to get Emmitt to sit in her princess chair.  It didn't work.

Helping Ba Noi water the plants.

We made it home to get lunch and grocery shop...L was excited because we went to the store where she got to push her own cart.  After shopping as I'm putting away groceries, L did some reading while enjoying a popsicle.  

L and I ran to the mall for some things she'll need for the summer.  
As dinner was cooking on the grill we went for a walk {L rode her bike again}.   Then, L got out her dress up clothes.  She had to put th…

169/365: Beach

6.18.1 ~ Dayton, my two loves
Of the all the photos I could have chosen for the 169th photo {there were many I loved}, this one of L and Dave reading touches my heart.  L loves to read and loves to be read by Daddy.

Saturday was beach day.  L loved it all.  There was the playground, the beach with the sand, water and waves.  She had so much fun jumping the waves.  She built a fairy castle with Dylan and Molly {fairies are in for her right now}.

Dylan, Molly and L enjoying the beach
I keep coming back to what Molly asked me, "why is she screaming?"  L was enjoying it so much she was screaming as she ran from the beach back to the water.  As shy as L is, you always know what she is feeling.  The girl loves life and tells you with all her being!

The perfect view...the ocean while swinging.

After the beach, we all stopped for smoothies before L and I headed back to Ba and Ong Noi's.  After dinner and before bath time, L had to read the paper.  It was a good day.

168/365: Simple Fun

6.17.11 ~ Dayton
In Maine...L was enjoying the outdoors.  She enjoyed running through the clothes line and finding it funny to dump the clothes over the clothes basket.
Who needs toys...L doesn't.
 Congratulations Lien and Todd.

167/365: Year End Celebration

6.16.17 ~ Framingham

L wanted to accessorize her princess dress with the winter hat for the year end celebration at daycare.  The kids were performing for the parents followed with graduation for the older kids going to kindergarten in the fall.
L packing for Maine

After lunch and packing, we went out to water the garden before we left.  L went fleeing when she saw bugs.  I'm not sure when our child became a girlie girl who ran away as soon as the bugs came near her.

166/365: Dance

A little dancing before we head out...dancing, running, hugging and kissing.  Oh yeah, we need to pack's a good thing she wants rice cakes for lunch most morning.  Done.  Rice cake, fruit and simple.

She didn't have dessert after her dinner so she got ice cream after her bath.  Dave asked her if she was comfortable when he saw she was under the covers and leaning against the pillows eating her dessert.

Today she started the day with a dance and ended the evening with a song.  Hopefully she'll participate in tomorrow's sing-a-long at daycare.

165/365: Rain

She gets enjoyment out of playing in the rain...I just let her do it.  What's another ten minutes of me being late.

164/365: Comfortable

L before dinner time...I think she's comfortable.  This was after I came home to see a little girl hanging on her Daddy's back while he's putting away dishes.  This was after she told on Daddy.  She's not good at keeping secrets.  She tells me she had M&M's {she and Daddy went to the store after pick up} and she had ice cream before dinner.  I told her I can see it all over her face.  She went to the mirror and laughed at herself. 
This was after I told her I needed to use the bathroom.  She told me she needed to be in the bathroom with me.  "I'm a big girl and you're a big girl.  Come Mommy.  Come."  She's waving her arms for me to come into the bathroom.
Why does she say all this to me?  Lately we've been discussing the need for privacy...she's a big girl now and she can't be in the bathroom with boys.  Big girls go to the bathroom with big girls and boys go in their own bathroom.  She can't be in the bathroom while Daddy …

163/365: Wings for Pizza

Wings, cards and counting...a room full of L.

What does a three year old do when it's raining outside...throw a tea party for her friends.  Pizza, Dora and Teddy Bear sat in row paying total attention to L {L was in charge}.

After tea it was music time.  L stopped to talk to Me on the telephone and to take photos.  Every time she took a photos {the camera does work right now, but she's good at pretending} she would say,  "It's beautiful.  They're beautiful.  You're beautiful."

L found her fairy wings and played with them,  stopped for some Pho.  She and Daddy went to visit friends.  

After they returned, the rest of the afternoon was consumed with fairy wings.  When asked who has wings, L says, "Ba No.  It's on page ten."  L is referring to the a little girl with fairy wings in Ba Noi's Fairy House book. 

{I'll have to post the video of the conversation some day.  It's very long...10 minutes" 

She had to try the wings on Pi…