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150/365: Happy Weekend

A beautiful start to the summer...a run through the sprinkler in 91 degree weather
 After much hinting {I had to ask for her}.  L got to hold Logan.  She fed and burped him, but she doesn't do diaper changes.

L & I went grocery shopping on our way home from Maine.  Well after we did a little shopping in Kittery with Auntie Van, Uncle Tuan, Logan and the cousins.  This included a late lunch. 

We finally made it home right before 5PM.

Finally making it home we unloaded the groceries and unpacked the car.  L watered the garden.  We had a ripe strawberry, but some critter got to half of it.

 I couldn't believe how fresh L was tonight.   L was in the kitchen making PB&J sandwiches with Dave.  I came in and told her I was going to water the garden.  What do I hear next, "Don't you dare. I want to do it"  Really?!?  Dave and I exchanged looks.  

L was sweating and hot so I asked her if she wanted me to spray her with the hose.  She was game.  I told her we need t…

149/365: Third Birthday Party

A happy little girl

 We had L's third birthday party..she had a blast this weekend.

She missed her buddy...a kiss from Riley.  L got to meet her new cousin Logan.  She was dying to hold him but it would not happen until Monday.
 She wanted a "Blue Party" but chose KaiLan invitation so the party was a Blue KaiLan party

Beautiful Julia attended the party...she loved the egg rolls.

A few guests enjoying the party
 L's favorite part was releasing the balloons
 She and Daddy blew out her candles

Then the silly string fight

After the party was over we went for a walk through the "Port" with L's Auntie, Uncles and cousins.
Dave took a rest
L "kinda" took a rest
As if presents weren't enough, Auntie Van spoiled her with a gift.

This little guy let L use his car for the second half of our journey through town.
L was a tad big for Mason's car.

148/365: Hanging with the Cousins

Help from Daddy
We spent the day at Ba Nguoi's house prepping for L's birthday party on Sunday.  L had a blast with her cousins.  She went fishing with her uncles and cousins.  We were impressed she went with them.  L is coming out of her shell and will now go with her Auntie Van and uncles. 
Girl talk {L's cousins}...not sure what.

147/365: Early Start

Crossroads, Framingham ~ tired after a long day of playing
Dave and I got out of work early so we were able to pick L up together at daycare.  As usual she did not want to leave.
She started Friday morning looking fresh and as always ready.

She had to have Daddy push her on the swing really high.
A hot and sweaty little girl at the end of the day.

Friday was a good day.  We had a long weekend ahead of us, Dave is now a licensed Professional Engineer {he found out he passed the exam!} and we were headed to Maine to celebrate L's third birthday with family and friends.


L's version of tying her shirt..just keep on twisting it.  She didn't want help.

145/365: When It's Dark

She wakes up everyday ready to take it on.  She's ready to enjoy the day and whatever it may bring.  Most  mornings it's daycare.  This morning...."The sun is out, I get to go to the playground."  

We have the same discussion almost every night.  Much like the morning school bus discussion.

Me: L it's bedtime.
L: Why is it bedtime?
Me: What happens when the sun goes down?
L: The moon is up.
Me: What happens when the moon is up?
L: It's dark outside
Me: What happens when it's dark outside
L: It's bed time.  Why do I have to go to bed when it's dark out?

A happy L before daycare
A happy L, "I'm making mac & cheese with Daddy."

144/365: Two Thumbs Up

Two thumbs up 
We went for a bike ride before dinner tonight.  L wanted to ride since Daddy was going for a run.  We circled around the block a couple of times before we had to go in for dinner.  L wanted to keep riding.  She loves it when I give her two thumbs up.  

"Something smells stinky."

We stopped at each house and L had to point everything out.  It was "lets hurry so we can spy on Daddy."   "I smell something.  It smells like flowers, grass." "Something smells stinky."  Of course, I had to keep telling her to keep both hands on the handle bars.

143/365: Energy

L after dinner L came home with loads of energy we can't contain it or her.  She's find enjoyment in torturing us and playing with her blue balloon...the one we got when we went shopping for her birthday party.  She wanted a blue Kai Lan birthday party and is settling for Kai Lan, a blue birthday cake and blue balloons.
L before daycare


Puzzle time...not Big Bird aka Angry Bird

141/365: Garden

We put the plants in the garden today.  First we made a run to the garden center for soil and compost.  L was all about planting...I had to slow her down.   I think she only moves in high speed.

I went inside to grab my camera and she was moving along quickly.

Even watering the garden was in high speed.  I thought the plants would float

After running errands and dinner, L went for a bike ride around the block.  "Kai-lan says to keep practicing."

140/365: She's Back

Chocolate face is back.  Ba and Ong Noi drove her home today.  It's so wonderful to have her home a day early.

We've missed all this joy in the house.  Dave thinks she's grown in a week.  Her voice has changed, her words are clearer and she looks thicker...all in one week.

She wanted to see Daddy so we drove to the office...she just lit up when she saw him.  She asked why she couldn't stay at work with Daddy.  When we came home from running an errand and grocery shopping she had to get her bike out.  Joey was outside and she had to ride with him.  She also told me she needed to tell Auntie Van she wanted a blue bike and asked if it will go faster.   We're in the why, what and who phase of our life.  Oh, the endless question.

139/365: Home

It's so good to have him home and L comes home tomorrow.