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Happy Birthday Logan

Welcome to the world precious baby
 Logan Tuan Nguyen Born at 6:44 am  6 lbs 13oz and 19 1/2 inches
Mommy Van and Daddy Tuan are so in love with you
Here's a message from your cousin L.
{I guess this is the type of congratulations message you get Uncle Tuan for always calling her monster...she speaks as if she is a monster.}

120/365: Garden

A happy girl and her wagon
L and I started our garden project today.  She was so excited.  We discussed it earlier in the week.  She had to relay to Dave with all her excitement even describing what she wanted to put in the garden.

L loved the garden center.  She especially loved the koi pond.  She was so proud of the strawberry plants she picked out.  We'll have to wait a little longer before we put in the garden.  We also pick out seeds we'll start indoors.
When Dave got home she had to show him her garden, "look at the garden Daddy."
We worked the garden getting rid of the the leaves, weeds and leaves.  Then we helped Dave build the frame for our raised bed garden.


L bringing Ernie back to where he belongs...daycare.
L trying to get the trunk open...followed by unlock the door Mommy.

This morning in the car, L says to me "Sing Mommy.  Drink your coffee and sing."  Is she hinting I needed some energy to sing and the coffee is the key.

118/365: The trunk

L in all her glory...the slide {doing a pull up}

Watching the bus go by this morning.  Then our daily bus conversation started.
She loves to open the trunk...she get joy out of it even while I am telling her not to do it.  {click to enlarge}
I see this every morning after we drop her things off in the big room.

117/365: School Bus

Getting a towel to wash her face
Our conversations this morning:
L: What’s on your face?
Me: Make Up. {I thought she meant my make up because she asked that last week}
L: No, that? {she pointed to a spot on my face}
Me: Oh, a pimple. {thanks for pointing it out}
L:  A pimple? Mommy, I’m taller.
L:Me: I know.
L: My Dad is tall. {what happened to Daddy, dad-te}

On the way to daycare…
L: Mommy, a school bus.
Me: I see.
L: Can I go on it?
Me: When you’re five years old. How old are you?
L: Four.
Me: Noooo
L: Five.
Me: No, silly { I laugh}.
L: I’m not funny. Mommy, three school buses.

She so wants to be closer to five…always says four knowing five comes next. This is almost a daily conversation.


I'm not sure what L was saying to may have been not to take her photo. 
She chose this outfit.  I couldn't talk her into wearing longer pants.

115/365: Tea for Two

L woke up this morning wanting to serve me tea.

Yesterday she woke up to an egg hunt.   The Easter bunny had left her eggs.
While she was napping in the car the Easter bunny came again so she could enjoy a hunt with Aliza and Quin.  She woke up and spotted the eggs right away.  She knew where she wanted to go when the time came.  While everyone else was talking she took off and loaded her basked with most of the eggs.  She loves to hunt, our little egg hog...she did share the eggs after.
{click on picture to enlarge}

114/365: Easter

Trying to get L to take a photo with Quin and Aliza was not an easy task, but we manage to get a couple of good shots.
It's been a long weekend...I'm hoping to post additional Easter happenings and photos this week.
There were things like L being an egg hog, a kite hog and really enjoying Easter this year.  She woke up to eggs next to the bed, down the stairs and everywhere around the house.
L figuring out what was in the egg she just found.
She ended the night with a "Happy Easter Mommy" and a little prayer for a wonderful Easter.


Dayton, Maine ~ dinner time

Happy Easter

Come Hop With Me ox, Lyla


The other side of L.  Before we left for Maine yesterday. 
Normal posts will resume when we return home...enjoy this Easter weekend.   L's thinking/dreaming of Blue Bunnies this year. 
Trying to get L and Pizza in the car.

111/365: Subjects

My two favorite subjects for taking photos.  L wanted to take Pizza to daycare.
Tonight at dinner:

L:  Mommy can you draw a circle?
Me:  With the red?
L:  No, the blue one.
Me: Right here?  {I drew a small blue circle}
L:  That's not big enough.  Try it again.

110/365: Joker

This is what I got after telling L I would continue to snap pictures unless she looked at the camera.  She decided to be silly.

She is the constant joker...thinking it would be funny to shut the front door on me while my hands are full in the morning.  She takes off for the car giggling all the way.


L wanted to tie her sneakers all by herself this morning.

108/365: Easter Eggs

L's been wanting to "do Easter Eggs" ever since I asked her what she wanted to do today {this on Saturday}.  We dipped eggs last night after dinner.


Not sure where the day went. We started the morning with play time for L, but the rest of the day?!?  We did small things here and there, but I'm not sure we accomplished much.  There was fabric shopping, we cut the fabric for new curtains and went sneaker hunting for Dave.  Where did the day go?  Where did the weekend go?


One of our the car and on the go.  This morning was so nice, L and I slept in until 8:30AM. 

Me:  Lyla you need to hold my hands.
L:  Why?
Me:  Because it's really busy in the mall.  I don't want to lose you.  I love you.
L:  We can't ever forget Pizza.
Me:  You need to keep an eye on Pizza.
L:  Okay Mommy

105/365: Bunny Ears

This is what I got this morning when trying to get the bunny ear shot...a very silly L.

On the way to daycare this morning with Julie and Kate at the house.  This before I dropped Kate at her school, Julie at the airport and I head to work.

L:  Why did Kate come?
M: Because she's Loan's best friend.
L:  No, I'm Julie's {Loan is Julie's Vietnamese name} best friend.  I have two best friends...Julie and Riley

Dave told me L was really upset when she asked if Julie and Kate were still at the house.  She had loads of questions about where, why and what they were doing.


The post is a day late...we were visiting with Julie {and Kate} before Julie goes on her seven to eight month tour. 

103/365: Wind

Our Banana...she likes it when I call her it.  She screams when I call her naked banana.
L said, "the hood barely fits."  It's true we have to buy her size fours now.   She said she needed the hood because it was raining and the wind will blow her hair away.   She also needed her sunglasses on her head.   This was after the photos were taken.

102/365: Catching Air

We went for a walk around the yard before daycare.

L jumped and wanted me to jump...she's catching some air.

L looking a little to grown up.  She prefers to carry my lunch bag and needed her pink {purple} sunglasses.

Tonight L wanted to go home with Mrs. A.  When Dave arrived to pick her up, she told him to go she wanted to go home with Mrs. A.  Dave went and sat in the car until they came out of daycare.  Dave told her they need to get home to eat Cheez-Its and drink milk.  She asked Mrs. A if she had Cheez-Its and milk at her house.  Tonight she said to me, "maybe sometime I can go with Mrs. Alava."


L playing with the Ipad while I grilled chicken.
Good morning!...She was in a huggable mood from the moment she woke up.  L was very lovable.  She told me not to do too many dishes because she didn't want me to work too hard.  She set the table and told me it was a surprise.

100/365: Pizza Love

Pizza went every where with us this weekend.  At the store, L had to find shoes Pizza could try on.  She grabbed any pair.  Pizza had to have the sippy cup L wanted.  L told me Pizza needed a high chair and that Pizza made a big poop that L had to shake from the diaper onto the floor in the middle of the store.
Pizza going for a ride.
 Taking a stroll with Pizza.
This is classic L.

99/365: Outdoors

Wanted to sit on the steps

L woke up wanting to read to me.  "Now everyone sit on your bum."
We ran errands and by 12:30PM she wasn't listening anymore. She was sent to her room for a nap. Preschool may be tiring her out.
Swaying from foot to foot.
I had to wake her up after 2 hours.  She wanted to help Daddy.
Playing on her own

L and Dave shared Cheez-Its 
 Then we spent the rest of the afternoon outdoors.