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Can you tell what we had for dinner?!?  Yes, one of L's favorites.
Off to hunt down a pair of purple shoes.

89/365: Classic L

These are all classic L looks.  This is her sassy look.
Another Sassy
She thinks it funny to acted shocked or surprise with excitement.
Two weeks later these are still floating around the house.

88/365: Lunch

A stubborn L did not want me to take her picture again. 
L's been saying no to her teacher, which is surprising us.  She is usually the first to follow the rules.
She loves to pack her lunch.  I get it ready and she packs it. 
L was very helpful this morning.  She had to help Daddy.

87/365: Blue

A little someone was not happy this morning nor would she listen.  This was it.
Have I told how obsessed L is with the color blue. It’s not just about saying blue is my favorite color, but she’ll pick random things just because it’s blue. Last night, it was the blue pajamas that was two sizes too small. Nothing was going to convince her it was too small. This weekend it was the Goldfish in the blue bag and the blue Wii remote. I am downstairs at my mother’s house and L is upstairs playing with her cousins and I hear, “My mommy says I can have the blue one. Mommy, Mommy!” Then the crying starts.

I go upstairs and L is telling me she needs the blue remote. She can’t have it because it’s the #1 player and Molly needed it to control the games. I had to explain to L and if she didn’t give it to Molly then no one gets to play. Also, until she could read what was on the tv then she couldn’t have the blue remote. She settled with the white after telling me, “Blue is my favorite color, I need …

86/365: Wii

Follow the leader
Emmitt was getting to be a fat cat so Ba Noi put him on a daily exercise routine.  L loves to go from room to room giving Emmitt his treat when we visit. 
Here are some cute pics of our weekend in Maine
The big kids took a break so L jumped right in
 Dylan at guitar
Molly the vocalist
And L at the drums {she didn't need to know the drums were not plugged in}
Final Dance


Dayton, Maine ~ L doing a little dance before we head over to Ba Ngoai


3.27.11 ~ Packing for Maine... we're back at home from Maine and now that I've had a look at the photo posted with my phone, I am changing my 84/365 photo taken on the 25th.

While Dave was getting glasses L was doing this. Plus, testing all the glasses, cleaning the store floor, telling me she was thirsty a dozen times, looking for her daddy, and spinning herself around and around in the rotating chair.

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L needed her hat and gloves because it snowed {just a dusting}

82/365: Dentist

Sassy little girl
L had a visitor at daycare today.  I asked her about it and she was so excited.

Me:  Did Dr. Mel come visit you today?
L:  Yeah, I saw Dr. Mel?
Me:  Were you excited?
L: Yes!
Me: Were you happy to see him?
L: Yes!
Me: Good, I can make an appointment for you to go to the dentist
L:  No

Dr. Mel is a pediatric dentist and I've been meaning to make an appointment for L to go see him.

All these balloons just make a L very happy

81/365: The Lock

Dave and I split parenting duties today at home.  L is feeling better, but spent most of the afternoon on the couch laying down
Laughing hysterically after showing me her "BELLY"
A story from our trip to New Jersey  Only in the movies…right?!?

Right before I was ready to leave, to set up, for the baby shower I hear, “Mommy, open the door please.” L locked herself in the nursery and no key was available at the time. Dave and I spent the next half an hour trying to give L instructions on how to unlock the door. At one point she started to cry. Dave had to calm her down. He slipped his hand through the opening at the bottom of the door and asked L to touch it…just to get her to follow instructions and to calm her down. L kept saying, “Yeah.” I asked her if she needed a hug, “Yeah.”

Tuan’s sisters had a key and were bringing it over. We finally got a red faced L out. I left to prepare for the party and heard Dave spent some time showing L how to lock and unlock the door. The next …

80/365: Extra Hugs and Love

I'll lay here, Mommy...under the weather
It's a quick post tonight. A little someone has been running a fever {pretty high for her} and needs extra attention...hugs, cuddles and love.

Hugs for my bear.  L was ready to go this morning.

79/365: Great Weekend

A tired, but happy girl  We had a great weekend celebrating with Van and Tuan. They are expecting a baby May 6.  We threw them a shower in NJ. L had so much fun she didn't want to leave and kept asking, "can we go see Auntie Van?" She also kept running back to Uncle Tuan as we were leaving. He finally put her in her car seat. I'll try to share the photos this week.

L's favorite spring-time on the playground.  We arrived on Friday and so we went to the park.

I don't think I can listen to the "Handy Manny" cd anymore.  Dave's walking around the house singing the tunes.
Here's one photo before guest arrived.

78/365: Baby Shower

Van at her and Tuan's baby shower


We're in New Jersey visiting Auntie Van and Uncle Tuan. Lyla is enjoying it too much...she gets all the toys she want.Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.7


L arriving home from daycare
Figuring out Mr. Potato Head
Leaving daycare
L asking me about the truck in the driveway

75/365: I Did It

Dancing to Dora's "I Did It"
Every morning, it's a dance.  I love it.  It's like she just floats.


Love the pointed toes

73/365: Zero

This is what L get before I get home...lollipop
This morning, L ran to the kitchen door saying, “I’m a preschooler.” Today, she is officially in the preschool class full time.

L before getting ready to line up to go down to big room
L playing with the boys
On the sippy cup front…L does not like the cup with the straw. She said to Dave, “milk please Daddy.” Dave gave her a yellow cup with the straw in it. She told him she didn’t want her milk. She misses her sippy cup and I have visions of Dave giving into her when I’m not around. I transferred her milk into a sippy cup look alike with a straw in it. She drank it.
With L, it’s all or nothing. L loves to go to Newbury Comics. We went yesterday. The Twist was on and she started twisting. She really enjoyed the song and danced along to it. We finally make it to the CD section and found the Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse Club CD’s along with another handful she grabbed. I told her she had to hand over all the CD’s. She gave me all but Handy Mann…

72/365: Purple

She may be embarrassed by this one someday...licking the bowl.  She couldn't get her head in.
We baked cookies this morning and L wanted to just lick the bowl.  She just laughed at me when I said, "seriously."  Which I say a lot to her and she finds so funny.
I found the two of them snuggled together.  She just loves her baby...she says Pizza is her friend.
 I questioned when we should take L's sippy cup away {right after this photo was taken}.  For the rest of the day, we switched to a cup with a straw.   
She is a delight...always laughing.  L wanted to wear purple this weekend.  She has moved on to purple {purple underwear, purple pants Mommy}.  Tomorrow could be another color.  But, blue is still her favorite.  We asked her what her favorite color was and she said, "blue."