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Afternoon nap ~ L's under the weather today.  She came home from Maine with a cold and this morning she woke up with very rosy cheeks so we decided to keep her home. 
Morning breakfast ~ You wouldn't think she had a cold in this photo.  She loves to make me laugh and smile...finding it funny to eat like an animal and have me comment on it.

58/365: Morning Walks

Dayton, Maine ~ L ready for her morning walk
When we go up to Maine, L and Ba Noi try to get a walk in each morning after breakfast and if it's still light out after dinner.  The walk is usually with L in her stroller.  But, this morning they went without a stroller because of the snow.
They are saying bye to me.  I usually take the time to shower, pack or just relax.
I love this picture...they have a special bond the two of them.


Kittery, Maine ~ L enjoying her milk and catching some rays
We're in Maine this weekend so it's a quick post.


a good brushing before daycare
As I was helping L with her coat this morning...she said to me, "Daddy makes me happy."  I don't know if it gets any sweeter than that.

55/365: Paint

Crossroads ~Painting

L arrive at daycare and all she wanted to do was paint.  L wanted to set all the chairs up and just paint.
Always the blue first...her favorite

54/365: And George

Loves to wash clean her own face
In the car this morning, I asked L if she wanted to go to Maine this weekend. She was very excited, “Yay!, Go see Ba Ngoai, Ba Noi and George.” For those who don’t know who George is…he is her Ong Noi {grandfather}.

Last night, just to get her father going.  She answered him with a “okay, Dave.” 
Enjoying desert after her favorite meal...spaghetti.

53/365: Truck

L's checking on Daddy
...making sure he takes the car and not the truck to work this morning.
When it's cold out, Dave will start the car or truck for us.  This morning, L told him to take the truck to work.  Ask her why.  The Dora CD is in the truck and she wants to watch {listen to} Dora.  Daddy took the truck and she was on the verge of a meltdown.


L cleaning her face...Didn't want me to take a picture, but turned around when I asked

"Bye Mommy."  L heading to the gym/baby sitter with Daddy

51/365: Horsey

 What's on now?
 On the weekends, you can always count on L playing at the sink and picking out the horsey shirt.  Today, she got to wear both horsey shirt {the purple and white one} because she had a little chocolate accident with the first one.  Washing the dishes
What she decided to pair with the shirts, I couldn't talk her out of. 
Another dancing moment...she likes it when I dance with her.  Especially, when I'm chanting, "go Lyla, go Lyla" over and over again
First, L picked out the horsey shirt {purple}.  Then paired it with the ruffle sweater, stripped leggings and ruffled socks. Then came the chocolate accident while making brownies.
Too much chocolate, because she actually told me, "no more Mommy."
L found it fun to play in the basket with Pizza {now with the white Horsey shirt}
She also found something she loves on the Ipad.  I can't blame her, it's a neat toy for the old and young. Puzzles on the Ipad before bed

50/365: Library

Framingham ~ At the library...not sharing with the other kids
L and I spent some time at the library today where she did not want to share the computer with the other kids. 
The Hill Girls
Before the library and grocery shopping I was sitting on the couch and L had to come sit with me.  Then she wanted Pizza to sit with us.  

Natick Mall ~ Just like Daddy {click on photo to enlarge}
We went to the mall to pick up a few things for Dave.  L wanted to try shoes on as well...even if they were not her size.  She wanted to do everything Daddy did.  As you can see her boots got abandoned among the other men shoes.

49/365: Little Girls

“little girls who make their mothers live grow up to be such powerful women.”
Wow, this made stop and think.Wow!...I thought of L.My mind is marinating in these words.I can’t stop thinking about them since I read the verse {from Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert}.
My little girl makes extremely happy and I think about all her potential. My little girl makes me want to be better and do better. These words have this power over me and I’m drawn to them. L does make me live, she makes Dave and I live. We live our lives through her eyes. We're there to guide her though life, but she definitely defines it.  I'm dancing...move to the music
L didn't want to go to daycare...she said please and started to pout.
L's been saying I'm sorry a lot lately.  At 12AM she woke up crying.  As usual I go and lay with her and fall asleep.  Around 4AM she wakes me up again and says to me, "read The Elephant Child to me Mommy."  I tell her to go to bed. 
At 6:30AM L:  Wake up Mommy …

48/365: Sunglasses

Some mornings I think L wakes up feeling sassy.  Like this morning, she had to find her sunglasses..."I need my glasses to see the sun.  They are in here."  She's referring to her shoe bin.
This is classic L.  She likes to accessorize.  Love the hat, mittens and  sunglasses while trying to pretend to drink from this bottle.

 She's still obsessed with her camera...she may get it from me.

47/365: Determination

The Determination
L wanted to wear this outfit today.   There are some things I just can't let her do...wearing those sock with the shoes is one of them.

 We settled on her wearing the boots and changing into the shoes {without socks} at daycare as long as L got to carry her shoes.  Sure, that I can agree with.
L trying to get her camera on so she can take a picture of me.  She kept saying, "wait Mommy" because I kept snapping away.

46/365: Say Cheese

L wanted to take a picture of me taking a picture
"Say cheese Mommy."
This morning I thought it would be nice for L and I to take a photo together.My child only wanted to be silly, as you can see in the photos.I’ll try again.

45/365: My Valentine

L received this in the mail from Ba and Ong Noi.  She was so excited to open it.
L loves book..
And, the first thing she does is remove the cover...with all books.

Happy V-tine's Day

We told L, "maybe Cupid will bring you some treats for Valentine's day."  M&M!  One of her favorites.
Happy Valentine's Day! All our love to you.

44/365: Chocolate

L wanted to do a little of her own organzing this morning in the middle of the kitchen.
Then L dressed herself and she was so proud.  If you see the horsey outfit on, you know L picked it out.   She came downstairs telling {more like yelling}, "I dressed myself Mommy!"  She won't even let me help fix her needed to be buttoned on the back. 
At some point, she got into the paints, can you see the mustache and her hands?
We made chocolate treats for her friends.  I think she ate more than was made.
Plus these treats for "my friends."  As L would say.
Chocolate overload

43/365: Shhhh, It's a Surprise

2.12.11 ~ Starbucks, Framingham.  Settling in for breakfast
We got up early today and went to Starbucks for breakfast.   It was a busy morning...breakfast, grocery shopping and a hair appointment for me.  When I got home, L yelled, "I have a surprise for you Mommy."  It was truly a surprise.  L presented me with an IPAD...OMG.   I couldn't believe Dave surprised me this year for Valentines.

So later in the day L and I were whispering in the kitchen that we need to get a surprise for Daddy and it was a secret.  She loves surprises and PRESENTS.  When we got ready to leave she blabbed the whole thing to Daddy

L:  We're going to the store Daddy
Dave: Let's get your things on
L:  We're getting you a surprise
Me:  Lyla, it was a surprise, a secret
L:  It's a secret, we're getting you a surprise Daddy

L followed this by jumping up and down and laughing.  We had to laugh.

Me and L in the kitchen before we left for the mall
Me: Lyla that was a secret and you b…