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Phone: 31/365

L had to take her cell phone to daycare
This happened after L tried to put the phone in her coat.

Snip It : 30/365

 L before her haircut

Only after a little screaming/crying fit, L let Amy cut her hair.  The bubbles helped.


We tease L for her "bubble butt" and she thought it would be funny to show us.

 L loves her Daddy

 I will alway love seeing her dance.

 And, she enjoys it.

Then there's the focused, "sshhh", I'm watching t.v. L.

Snow: 28/365

All that snow...our street and yard after the latest storm
Below are two pictures of L...she wanted to take photos with Pizza...Cheese!

Silence: 27/365

This is what L was up after an hour and a half of quiet work time.

Below was L after I got out of the shower. Had to grab the camera while I was dripping wet.


This is their morning routine...they love to get under the covers in front of the t.v.

{click on photo to enlarge}
These are from tonight.  Did I ever tell you how much L loves to dance?!?

No Cheese: 25/365

L typically does not like her photos taken.   She always looks away or tries to hide behind something.  She thought it was funny to hide behind her phone. 
This morning, L was really excited when she walked outside and it was snowing.  She's enjoying the snow this bad I couldn't get her to get in the car.  Enjoy the video.

Excited for Snow from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.


L said to me, "It's just you and me now" after Dave left for work this morning.

Work To Be Done: 23/365

While Daddy studied, L painted.
01.18.11 ~ Sarah's Silk Horse Reins
Here are photos of L enjoying her time with Ba Noi.  Ba Noi was here last week for a few days watching L.  L loved playing with the horse reins...she's into pretend play.  I loved hearing her say, "ladies and gentlemen" as if she was at the circus.  My favorite phrase these days is, "okay Mommy" as if she woke up one day and knew the beginning of the New Year was tough for us all and she need to give Mommy and Daddy a little break.

Daddy Will Do It: 22/365

The living room after Daddy cleaned it. I asked L to pick up her puzzles before bedtime. She told me Daddy will do it. Daddy did pick it up. She just knows he will do it.Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.5

Cheese: 21/365

L's been into having her pictures taken with Pizza. "Take a picture of me and Pizza, Mommy."

This is what part of the house looks like after another snow day...we have even ventured upstairs.  Cancelled school = cancelled daycare which means Dave and I have to take turn staying home with L.

"Star" fish: 20/365

L demanding a fish...I thought she was going to scale the refrigerator this morning We started a good behavior chart for L...when she listens to Daddy at pick-up and gets in her bath when Daddy asks she gets a stick for each.  It took her a while to earn a fish and now that she's has two on the calendar she now wants more without earning it. 

Home - 19/365

Even though Dave and L are in bed, it's nice to be home after a long day of work.Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.5

Project 365: 18/365

L loved the snow

I'm a little late in the game, but I've been wanting to take the challenge. The idea of Project365 is to document your life with a daily photo. It's only the 18th day of the year so I think it's not too late to start. I'll try to catch up on the first 17 days with the few photos I've taken with my camera and phone.

Day 18 is starting off with a bang. I worked in the morning and in the afternoon went outside to shovel the snow with Ba Noi and L. This was L's first opportuntie to play in the snow.  She loved it...can't you tell!?!

Snow Day

L didn't get out of her pajamas all day...we love those kind of days
It's a snow day here in the North East.  On Monday, L had a sick day...good thing she has lots to keep her occupied while Mommy works.   L watched a lot of tv, numerous videos, played with her toys, painted, read and ate a lot.  She loves to play with puzzles and it keeps her busy for quite some time.  By the way she acts you won't think she was sick.  She probably could have gone to daycare on Monday, but she needed another day of rest.  I didn't want to get the dreaded call from daycare that day to pick her up.  It means she would be out the following day as well.
Working from home has gotten easier.  L is at the age where she can keep herself busy.  We've program the remote so she can change the channel to her favorite shows and if she wants to watch a video well she can go to her room and watch one.  She has a small tv and dvd player in her room and knows how to operate it.
1.10.11 ~ L spent most…

I Need It

01.01.11 ~ Shopping is a joy...sigh.  L had to wear the hat and try on scarves Shopping with's interesting and  I am questioning myself at all times.  Why do I even bother bringing her?!?   She can't focus.  I'll give with a "she's a toddler."  She wanders, again may be because she's a toddler.  But, she wants everything and tries things on.  I'm not sure it's a toddler trait.  She tells me "I need it" or "Daddy forget to give me money."

Not only does she wander, but if there's a chair, bench or lounger in site she needs to sit or lay in it.  Below is a photos of L lounging and calling my name.  She thought it was hilarious to scream my name in the store.

Careful With Pizza

1.5.11 ~ L actually wanted to take a picture with Pizza
L wanted to take Pizza to daycare and promised to leave her in the cubby. Crossroads prefers kids to leave their toys at home...we totally understand, because we certainly have our own sharing issues at home.
L had to make sure Pizza was safely in her carrier and told me she had to do it. And, Pizza had to sit next to her {as you can see below}.  However, half way to daycare, Pizza was out of her carrier and sitting with L.  

L was not happy with me taking this last photo..."Shut the door Mommy!"

Happy 2011

12.30.10 ~  Swimming, Cannon Mountain

This year happened in a flash.  L has developed so much in one year and is aware of everything…especially her surroundings.  In the one year, L was potty trained, switch to a big girl bed, said more “I do, I do”, "I can do", "I help" than one could count, had a name change…baby Lyla became baby Pizza. In the one year, L’s taste buds developed a little more. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and mac and cheese was added to the list of things Mommy could pack for lunch. If you asked L what she wants to eat, spaghetti and meatballs is the first thing that comes out of her mouth. Speaking of mouth, L found the art of screaming. Our little “Beast” finds it funny to just scream. L loves to dance, sing, and laugh at herself and to make others laugh. She's listened to the Wonder Pets so many times in the car, she knows every word to each song.  She’s the constant joker who loves for Mommy to lay with her for “a little bit.”