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361/365: Out

L getting ready to go get her flu shot. 
Yesterday, while we were in the car L says to me, "when I grow up I want to be a doctor."  I was surprised by this because she's so afraid of them. 
Today, she while in the car. L: I want to be a different number. Me: What number? L: I want to be four. Me: What? L:  I'm big now, I want to be four years old.
Poor L, her friend A moves up to the Pre-K 2 class and I think she wants to go. All her friends

360/365: Time

Framingham, at the Library

We've been spending a lot of time at home.  L wants to stay home and play with her toys, watch tv, play on the computer and iPad.  It's fine...we do venture out at least once a day.

Dave will take L to her gym for open gym, we went to the library for a couple of hours, made it to the mall for L to build her bear.  She has agreed we should give her bear away {she picked a Hello Kitty bear and named it Gabriella}...she was breaking out in hives on her face when she rubbed the bear on her face.

At the library coloring, playing on the computer, talking to Fred the turtle and doing puzzles and picking up all the toys {some from her, but most from the kids before her}.  She's a good sport and does a really good job.

359/365: Bus

L driving the bus as we wait for our pizza. 
The same photo in color.


12.26.11 ~ L after her morning walk with Ba Noi 

L and Emmitt 

 L and Ba Noi...she might have been showing Ba Noi something on her Leappad.

357/365: Silent Night

12.25.11 ~ Aliza and L
Here's a video of L singing Silent Night.

356/365: Gathering

12.24.11 ~ L and her cousin, Mason
Christmas Eve is always about the family gathering on the Nguyen and Hill side.

It's always about the kids, especially the younger ones.  They are so delightful to be around.  One was break dance, one was doing the Chicken Dance while the other was singing.  She does have a sweet Mass when Silent Night came up she just sang.  This was after she went and hugged a random stranger.

355/365: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 

Joy to all...from our family {MONSTER} to yours.

354/365: Angel

Our little Angel.  The weather was so nice she had to run around before daycare.  It's winter, but it feels more like fall.

353/365: Eve

Christmas Eve...a time to make memories with family and enjoying great food. As L would say, "We're celebrating Jesus birthday today."  Happy Eve to you all.

352/365: Lyla

We’re finally getting the holiday cards out.L wanted to sign each and every one, but half way through she said, “I’m done.”The first card had a different color for each letter in her name.I was thinking the cards would not get out until after Christmas.She stayed with one color.

She asked if she could finish tonight and then put her name on the envelopes. I had to tell her I sent them out. "Why? But I wanted to write my name."

L on Tuesday. She gets herself ready most mornings.

351/354: Happy

She woke up happy.  Got herself dressed and was still happy when Dave picked her up from daycare.  I think all the activities she's going on the weekends has been good for L.  She's not so scared of people and just seems content and happy!

350/354: Twins

Brave girl getting her hair crying this time. 
L had a birthday party  to go to today.  Before heading to the party she wrapped the presents and got a hair cut.  (the different tones in the photos are as a result of trying different functions on the camera.)

She had a blast at the birthday for the twins.  She had free range of the gym.  Another gym...she's loves them.

349/365: Another Saturday

Chilling before ballet

She had a blast at Mighty Mites.  She's already talking about having her birthday party there.  They were getting ready for a party while we were there.  She asked what all the balloons were for...listing all the friends she wanted to come to her party.  She even wants to invite her teacher to the party.

348/365: Present

12/16/11 ~ Framingham, Relaxing after a long week at daycare.

From standing in front of the t.v. to jumping on the couch while I watched.  "Watch me Mommy."

First thing I found when I woke this morning was presents scattered around the living room.  L woke up to presents under the tree.  She was so excited until she found out none of them were for her.  Dave told me she was upset when she didn't see her name on any of them. She sat in my lap and asked if she could get some presents under the tree.

347/365: Practice

She's been practicing her swimming techniques in the tub...lay on your back, cross your arms and float.

346/365: "Not Every Time"

Giving her ornament kisses.

She spent most of the night in her room because there was not much she could do downstairs.  Since she was bored she just went to bed...that's where I found her when I went to check on her.  She lost tv and the computer for not being nice to her friends.  I asked if she's mean to her friends at daycare everyday.  Her response..."not every time." 



344/365: Monday

She wasn't happy to have her photos taken this morning. She will be happy for me to finish this project. Unfortunately for her I will not stop taking photos...she loves to take photos too. Maybe I should allow her to post a few of her own photos since she received a camera for Christmas from Auntie Va and Uncle Tuan. Plus, she loves to type words.

343/365: Holiday

Sweet girl got in the picture before we went to pick out a special ornament. Can you guest what she chose?...a Toy Story ornament.

We had the day planned out. It was a more relaxed day. Before swim lessons we picked out supplies for L to finish her Christmas project after lessons. After lunch, L was ready to work on her project.

342/365: Ballet

Mass Ballet ~ Framingham
She was so excited when the ballet instructor asked if the girls where ready to line up.  She turned to me and said, "is it my turn?"  Her first lesson and she was very eager.  Parents can view the lesson on the tv screen.  She didn't say much about the lesson, but I could see she enjoyed it.  The only thing she mentioned was the teacher talked about the nutcracker.
From ballet it was off to Mighty Mites,gymnastics like class for preschoolers {"at my own gym just like Daddy goes to the gym"}.  It's a month long class that meets on Saturdays after ballet.  
My Gym ~ Framingham




L telling to me stop taking photos.

339/365: Fair

Dinner ~ when Dave has class it's usually spaghetti or hot dogs.

I received an email from Dave this morning reminding me of a few things and to tell me L wanted to bring two toys to daycare and when he said no, she cried.  So he let her bring one to daycare.

L knows the rules...they prefer kids do not bring toys to school.  L and I had a conversation about her crying and bringing toys to school.  She told me she didn't think Daddy would tell on her.

Me:  Lyla are you allowed to brings toys to school?
L: No
Me:  Why did you bring a toy?
L:  The others bring toys to school
Me:  You are not allowed to bring toys to school
L:  No fair, the other kids bring toys.

I had not response to the comment...thinking three year olds shouldn't know what is fair and what isn't

338/365: Merry

The holiday season is so MERRY and BRIGHT...especially with her around.

337/365: Project365

Project 365 has been a great project.While at times it has seem more of a tiring task, I’m so happy I have taken it on.It’s true, if you want to learn about your camera, this is one way.The camera is always with me and people do notice.I got a quick tutorial at L’s swim lesson yesterday.One of the parents asked if I wanted to learn a few tricks with the camera.Of course I do and in the two days I’ve been using his techniques, I’ve seen a change in my photos.This makes the project so worth it.

336/365: Party

12/4/11 - Santa, Newton, MA
She was brave this year with Santa.It’s been a big year for L.I feel she’s growing and I’m so proud of her.She’s worked very hard on her anxiety of strangers and even people she knows.

{I asked her what Santa said to her and she said he asked if she's been nice this year.}

Before lessons I asked L to go get her bathing suit and clothes for swim lessons.She came down with this outfit with the sweatshirt on backwards (the hood is in the front) with no bathing suit on.Dave had to help her fix herself.

The instructor is so patient with her.At the end of each lesson the children go down the slide.L has a fear of jumping in and going down the slide.She thinks jumping is the lesser of two evils. I feel I’m waiting with my breath held hoping she will jump in.Instead she decides the slide is the better route to get in the pool.

From the pool it was to a Kid’s Holiday Party.L still sits outside the circle of kids.This will be another growth path.Santa gave her a moto…