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It's a Blizzard Outside

It looks like Spring here...L playing with her dress up kit Santa brought her.  Even Emmitt played.


12.18.10 ~ L making treats for her friends at daycare
The weekends have been busy...It's mostly been about baking.
December week 1:  Jf White's Kid's Christmas Party
There was a magician who madee animal balloons for the kids, crafts and Santa came to visit.  L kept inching closer and closer to Santa, but when it was her turn she was scared.

December week 2:  It was baking, cleaning, shopping and swimming We did some Christmas shopping, L help bake chocolate chip cooks and there were swim lessons.  L's favorite parts of baking is running the mixer and licking the cake batter.  This was also the last weekend of swimming lesson until after the New Year.

All excited about swimming until it was time

December week 3: All about baking and making gifts for L's friends We make treats for L's friends.  L did it all by herself.  It project was super easy and perfect for a 2 year old says, "I do it" a lot.   This morning we baked a cake so we could try making cake p…

Maybe Sea Pony

 12.05-10 ~ L swimming without Daddy

Now that there is only 1 swim lesson left…in L style she’s beginning to get comfortable. This week she got on the ducky and let go of daddy for a few seconds to let Zoey help her. We were proud parents on Sunday because our little girl was not SO scared. This gave us hope that L would be ready to move from the Goldfish to the Sea Pony class where parents do not get in the pool with their child.

Photo take with Dave's photo (quality is okay)


We've been thinking L looks older...I can see it in these photos.  My thoughts probably come from looking through a year worth of photos for our Christmas card.

Christmas Tree

11.18.10 ~ L and Daddy at Russell's
It’s Christmas, can we wish for more time?!? It would be first on my list. I’m sure it would be for most people. It’s been busy since Thanksgiving.
I do
We went and picked our Christmas tree from Russell's on Sunday, but can’t say we all enjoyed it too much. L was in a terrible mood. You really can’t blame her I guess…poor kid. Before going to get the tree, we decided to stop and get coffee. With L these days, it’s “I do.” The “I do” turned into a disaster. L fell from the chair she was sitting in and hit her nose {it started to bleed, but stopped quickly}.

We pushed on and got the tree. We were in a much happier place after getting the tree.
She's heavy...Dave taking a rest from trying to put the Angel on the tree

Last attempt before Daddy put on the Angel