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Happy Halloween

From our little lady...


10.23.10 ~  L's way of protesting to getting her hair brushed

Last Saturday before our trip to Maine, L had this cute little outfit on, then she went and added her own flair.  Loan and Billy came home on a 10 day leave last Friday night and spent the night at the house before we all headed to Maine.  Everyone had missed them the last 2 months so it was so good to see them.  They are both very happy and we enjoyed hearing their stories and what boot camp is really like.

L loves going up to her room and turning on her music.  She will jump, dance or lay on her bed.   I need to take photos of her jumping on her bed because you can see the pure joy of it on her face.   I watched her this morning and thought this is what life for a child should like...JOYFUL! and FULL OF HAPPINESS!

{My thought was should I stop her from jumping on the bed...No...she was enjoying way too much}

We have to keep reminding (or telling) her not to bring her toys down the stairs, especially big or heavy one, b…

Kids Halloween

10.21.10 ~ The evidence of the first thing L did when she arrived at the party...chocolate of course!
My company held their annual Kids Halloween Party.  L was shy at first and in "L-fashion" she was ready to go as we were ready to go. 
As of late, L had several meltdowns during the party..."That's mine, give it to me!" and "I want some!" referring to the candy, goldfish and pretzels she wanted to eat during event. 
It was a wonderful event.  The third floor was decorated by three groups with three different themes.  Each section has games, crafts and treats to give out.  The fourth floor had dinner for the children.  Dinner, what dinner?   L only wanted her treats.
L enjoying her treat in daddy's lap...he drove her into Cambridge

Daddy helping L decorate her pumpkin

 L "in the Garden" tunnel.  She did not want to leave and I was not going in to get her.

It took us another 15 minutes to get out of the building.  L kept running in circles {flew…


L checking out her outfit and boots in the mirror until I took out the camera.  She couldn't get away quick enough.
L was told to go pick out the shoes she wanted to wear on Monday...she chose these boots.  She chose the shoes that were still in the box.  She didn't want me to help her get them on so she ran to the dining room to put them on.  She said to me, "I need a mirror."  Dave says I've created a monster. 
L determined not to let me take a picture

New Updates:
L loves "GROUP HUGS"
L loves the Fresh Beat Band so she can dance and sing
L  says, "I sing with la la la" and so on
We're trying to get L to eat PB&J and keep hearing, "I don't like jelly."
We've settled for wheat bread and PB using a cookie cutter to make shapes

Apple Picking

There's so much to see here
Auntie Van, Uncle Tuan and Riley visited this weekend so we could go apple picking and because L had been asking about them a lot lately.  Good thing because this was the last weekend for apple picking.  It was a lovely weekend. 
An excited L and Uncle Tuan holding the ladder for Auntie Van
There was a lot of running and freedom A playful Auntie Van had a run in with a scare crow
L wouldn't take photos with anyone.  There was only love for the scare crows...lots of hugs
Mommy trying to get L to take a photo

There was time for carmel apple and cider donuts
L wanted this pumpkin which was probably half her weight

Then it's time to climb. L's been climbing on everything.

More running
Uncle Tuan and Auntie Van
L wasn't tired after the day we had.  Nope...after Auntie Van fed her popsicles and we had to change her clothes, L was ready to go.   It was a on


10.10.10 ~ L starting off with an orange thinking she will get spaghetti at 7 in the morning
L's been quite hungry lately, but there are days where I can barely get her to eat.  On Monday, I couldn't get her to eat and this week daycare mentioned to Dave she was still hungry after she ate what I pack her {and I pack more than enough for a little girl}.

Perhaps on Monday she wasn't hungry, because on Sunday she woke up ready to eat.  She told me she wanted spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast.  She even got ready for it...still in her pajamas she put on a bib and her boots {and she color coordinates}.

Daddy's Girl

10.12.10 ~ enjoying some daddy time before bed

For those who know Dave, did you ever think Dave would be caught wearing a headband?  It shouldn't surprise me since he painted L's toes nails this past spring.   I imagine L putting make up on him and having a tea party.  L kept saying, "no Daddy" every time he took it off and would put it back on him.

Phone Calls

10.10.10 - Talking to Ba Noi
L loves to talk on the phone.  Auntie Van and Ba Noi get calls from her at least 2x a week and more if we don't stop her.  She walks around the house talking...sometimes she looks like a big girl.  Dave says L's the spitting image of me on the couch {below} when I'm talking on the phone.

Rock-A-Bye Your Bear

10.3.10 ~ More Please
L is a busy we're always out and about.  Sunday L and I headed to the mall.  L loved it because there was a bridal show going on.   LOTS and LOTS of CHOCOLATE.  Can you tell she's enjoying every bit of it?!?
The boots she has on...we couldn't get her out of them all weekend.  I tried to coax her out of them before we went to the mall, but it didn't work. 
10.2.10 ~ All excited to go run errands with Daddy
Here's a video from this weekend.  L's rocking to The Wiggle's Rock-A-Bye Your Bear.

Rock-A-Bye Your Bear from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.


9.18.10 ~ "I'm a big girl, I do"
What are the things I obsess over the most with L…it’s her sleeping and eating habits. And, at the top it would be sleep. L is someone who needs to have a warm body next two her even though she tends to run hot. As Ba Noi said {paraphrasing because I can’t remember the exact words} , “she is so hot to sleep next too, she emits a lot of BTU’s.”

When I put L to sleep at night she wants me to “lay down” {imagine L patting the pillow next to her and scooting over to the other side}. Some nights I would fall asleep and not get up. On nights I do make it to my bed, L will be creep into our room and climb into bed with us. The bed does get cramp, but I love that she climbs up, lays down and wraps her arms around me in a hug or puts my face between hands and says, “Hi Mommy.”
Why do I worry when I love those moments? I worry she does not get un-interrupted sleep. L goes to bed around 8PM and usually falls asleep around 8:45PM {after much talking a…