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Pumpkin Picking

09.26.10 ~ Flowers for Ba Ngoui {Ba Noi and L cut}
It’s true what is said about Maine weather….it changes quickly. We were in Maine this weekend. On Saturday it was in the high 80’s {hot, hot, hot} and on Sunday L had to wear a coat. We had a lovely weekend. It’s just nice to get away.

Saturday we went to Pumpkin Valley Farm where L got to run around and do her favorite thing…go down the slide. Pumpkin Valley Farm has a play area which L loved. We tried to coax her on the cow train, but she didn’t want to go on it. She did think hard about it because she kept watching it.. L play for it bit then we did the corn maze and went on a hayride to the pumpkin patch. L didn’t seem to enjoy the maze as much as the play area and picking pumpkins. The maze was probably a little over-whelming. She wanted Daddy to carry her through the maze. The only time she didn’t want to be carried was when we went on the bridge.

Another favorite ~ Pumpkin Valley Farm, Dayton Daddy is a sunflower {try…

Sound of Sunshine

09.19.10 ~ Atkinson Tot Lot Playground, Sudbury
My favorites two songs of the moment played back to back this morning...I love hearing good music on my morning commute. 
The Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti and Spearhead and The Rhythm of Love by Plain White T's...there are parts of each song that make me think of L every time I hear them.  The beat also makes me think of her.
Driving to work and hearing these songs made me think about this past Sunday.  L woke up at  ready to 6AM and ready to conquer the day  She's at the stage where she keeps asking and pushing until she get what she wants.  She wanted to go to church so we did.  Great, what do we do for the rest of the day?!?   We went to the park...what a park.  It has everything and L was in her element.  She didn't want to stop...she was just running from section to section.  After 2 hours Mommy was ready to go {plus it was lunch time}.   L was not.  She was so comfortable she took her sneakers off and was running a…

Swing Daddy

08.28.10 ~ Swing Daddy, again

This photo makes me smile from the inside's the pure joy in L's face. She absolutely loves it when her Daddy {Dave to her these days which he is not happy about} swings and tosses her around.

L has been calling her Dad Dave these days...she thinks it’s the funniest thing. I do too. I hear Dave correcting her when she does it. We were at the dinner table this weekend and L took Dave’s napkin and he asked for it back. L slid the napkin towards her Dad and said, “here you go Dave.”  Dave did a double take and asked me, “did she just call me Dave?”  Btw…he blames me :).

Combining Favorites

09.16.10 - Yummy

What could be better than combining your L nothing.  L decided to dip her gnocchi and meatballs in the chocolate dip that was meant for her apples.

The Real First Day

09.09.10 ~  The unofficial 1st day of daycare Since I wasn’t home the morning of the 1st day of daycare {and most of you know L went to daycare in her pajamas} I through there should be a do over. I realize this is a bit late, but two days later I took these photos on my phone.This is what I call L first day of daycare photo.
Can you see that L has her sunglasses upside down?!?  This just makes me smile.  For some reason it's only with these glasses...maybe it's more comfortable.

Ba Noi Banana

09.11.10 ~ L at the farm

The posts are short.and.sweet due to time these days…our home and work life is crazy. I'm going to a lot of tidbits today.  Dave and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary this weekend by attending a wedding! It was absolutely beautiful! L was with a sitter for most of the day going out for lunch and visited a farm. Her highlight seemed to be Owen {Miss Alicia's nephew}. Owen was all she talked about.  Miss Alicia sent me the above photo during the day…”Having so much fun.”

Dave and L continue to have their power struggles. I received a call on my way home from work last night. I hear Dave saying to L, “We’ll settle this…Mommy’s on the phone.” I am used as the threat. Seriously {I’m rolling my eyes as I write this} . L is into “I do!” these days, but her “I do!” tends to take a long time or veer from the attended path.

Here’s a CUTE video of me asking L a series of question.

I’ll translate since L’s voice is very soft:
What do you call Ong Noi?  George, …

6 Years

August 2009 ~ Punta Cana
6 Years ago I married this wonderful man and father on September 11th....I couldn't have been luckier.


Punta Cana 1 Year Ago

This photo was taken over a year ago in Punta Cana.   L had so much fun in the water with about 27 crazy 20 something year old partiers. 

The water camera finally got developed a couple of weeks ago because Dave got tired of seeing around the house.  Every where he went the camera was there...L liked to walk around the house with the band around her wrist.

1st Day

 09.06.10 ~ A little shopping..notice the pink shoes.
L started the fall toddler program at Crossroads today. With the start of the fall program our schedule at home changes as well {for the next two months}. Dave has been approved to get his Professional Engineering license so he’ll be taking night class. On nights Dave has classes he will drop off and I will pick up which means I have to get to work early.

I packed L’s bag of essentials for the year ({sheets, blankets, extra change of clothes and shoes, enrollment forms and the check}. Today’s outfit and shoes were laid out so Dave didn’t need to worry about anything other than getting L dressed and out of the door. Ba and Ong Noi can attest to the time it takes to get L out of the door. L and I have a routine so it does not take us long, but Dave and L have not figured that out yet.

I sent Dave an email asking him how drop off went. Here’s his response:

“It was fine. Lyla wanted to wear her monkey T shirt and pink slip on shoes???…

Pick Up Time

I'm headed Maine to pick my ANGEL!.UP!  Can you tell I'm excited?!?   She seems to be having a great time with Ba and Ong Noi.  Ba Noi has been giving us updates and I've enjoyed each one.  Thought I would share...we can't thank Ba and Ong Noi enough.  These moments just melt my heart {hopefully Ba No doesn't mind}.

DAY 1:

Hi Daddy and Mommy,

Ba Noi and I are making chilled tomato dill soup. We went to the library and I picked out 10 books. I miss you.
Love, Lyla

DAY 3:
Hi Daddy and Mommy,

Ba Noi and I went to Ferry Beach. We made sand castles, stomped on the waves and had a snack. I want to go back tomorrow. I miss you.

I like to go in the pool more than the ocean. The waves are big.
Love, Lyla

DAY 4:

Hi Mommy and Daddy,

Ong Noi took us for a ride up to Sebago Lake. It was nice and cool in the car and I had a nap. We stopped at MacDonald's for a fruit smoothy and french fries. I sang songs on the way home. Ong Noi thinks I am the calmest two year old he has ever seen.

I w…

CrossRoads Family Fun Day

08.27.10 ~ L needing a quiet moment at home to enjoy her watermelon after all the fun she had at CrossRoads
Last Friday L's daycare had a family fun day to end the summer program before a week long break and the new school year begins.  It was great seeing all the toddlers with their clown face.  L loved seeing all her old classmates who have moved onto the preschool class or took the summer off from daycare. 

After conquering her fear of the bouncy house, L loved being in there and kept wanting her turn.  It was wonderful to see her give Josh a big hug {she really missed him this summer} and trying to comfort Andrew by giving him one of her fishes.  Unfortunately he wanted nothing of that and I had to coax L away because she was make the matter worse {what can I say, the girl has a BIG HEART, and I HEART that about her}.

These are some of my FAVORITES:

Left  to Right: I'll just have the bun please, "Baby Laura" to L, Gabriel had L's hot dog, fishing, sharing to m…