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Missing Her!

08.29.10 ~  L Going a little dance before we left for Maine.
I'm totally missing her today....we dropped her off at Ba and Ong's house in Maine yesterday {picture L holding up 1, more like 2, finger and saying "One whole week."} I miss everything about her…her silliness, her stubbornness, her gentleness and her heart. 

Old Friends

8.27.10 ~ Big Hug for old friends

I've been away from this blog...with vacation and work it's been hard to get on to share our happenings.  With L and Dave away next week I should have a little more time. 

Isn't the above picture adorable.  L's giving her friend a big hug since she hasn't seen him all summer.  She's missed him. 

CrossRoads Family Day...I'm a clown!

Active Girl

8.14.10 ~ All excited {click on photo to see larger view}
Can you see the excitement and happiness in L's body and facial expressions?!?  The slide is still KING in her world...this excluding her Dad {evident in the photos below}.
8.15.10 ~ snack break from finding a good book, Starbucks/Barnes&Nobles {photos taken with phone}

L was also excited about riding her big bike {with Daddy pushing}.  She kept saying to me, "look at me Mommy." 7.31.10 ~ Joyful

Multicultural Week

It's multicultural week at daycare and the week ended today with the toddlers dressing in their native attire and bringing in a traditional dish. The clothes we mother had given L some outfits. The food was a little more difficult...what do you make that a toddler would eat? Culturally we don't eat much sweets and the few dishes I do make I'm not sure they would appreciate. I'm not sure the kids would eat PHO {soup} or do I have the time to make it. 

Auntie Van suggested a fruit salad which consist of lychee, longan, jack fruit and coconut meat in a watered down syrup.  L and I taste tested it and we liked it.

L: Daddy eat it
Me:  it's not Daddy's thing
L: Daddy eat it
me::  Daddy doesn't like the same things we's to exotic for his taste
{I heard Dave chuckling in the background}

I hope we get to see photos of the children...L's classes is quite diverse.

Wardrobe Check

This morning when L woke up she told me she did not want to wear underwear. I made her put them on and continued to prep for the day. To my horror when we arrived at daycare I found she had taken them off. Am I going to have to check her wardrobe every time she leaves the house...another sign of what I can expect in the future.

When I arrived at work I watched this clip...what a good way to start the work day {after drop off}.  L tells me "good job Mommy" and then sings the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Itsy Bitsy Spider from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.

Video taken with phone


7.31.10 ~ L racing with Julie
Last weekend we spent time with the family.  We visited with my niece Julie {Loan} and her boyfriend Billy before they headed off to boot camp.   Then it was off to visited my brother Thanh to catch up with the family.  L probably enjoyed the deck and pizza the most {I think it was three days in a row she had pizza}.  After dinner we headed to my brother Dung's house for a night swim.  The family was all here from Maine. 
Julie and L...L followed her around for most of the day. 

L & Myles enjoying all the balls
Nieces and Nephews enjoying a swim
L & Daddy enjoying a swim
L being a big girl enjoying pizza {for a little girl she had 1 1/2 slices}


07.18.10 ~ just a little painting.  L looks so old in this photo.

We’ve been doing some work around the house…with many more projects on our list. Let’s see. We just rented a dumpster and threw a dumpster full of junk away, we power washed the house and a few weeks ago we {L&I} painted the garage door. We also want to paint the outside of the house {We may test the backside out first}, paint the trim on the outside windows, paint the whole downstairs {only three rooms and the ceiling of the guest room}, upholster the dining room chairs again {this was done 7 months ago, but L has gotten food all over the seats} and I’d like to make some new curtains. L and I bought fabric at CalicoCornerthis weekend and I absolutely love the pattern we picked up… “I like that one Mommy.” She lets me know which ones she likes and dislikes.

L loves to paint...after a dip in her pool

I'd like to complete my sewing projects before the end of the summer…we’ll see. I have not pulled my sewing machin…