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Pizza Night

This was L last night...she was excited because we were going to pick up her favorite milk and pizza {yes, she has a favorite milk}.  I made the mistake of buying a different milk brand a few weeks ago.  She started yelling at Dave when he went to grab our normal milk brand. "No Daddy that one. The purple one."  It's blue, anything around the blue/green color range is purple to L.

Last night L ran out of her favorite milk.  Dave wanted to go pick some up and get dinner {Dave's a softy}.  L loved the pizza, but was distracted by a baby who was having dinner as well.   


Tonight while L and I were laying in bed:
 L: froggie mommy Me: where L: right here (L pointed to her shirt) Me: where else L: in the flowers Me: where L: at Ba Noi's
We spent the weekend in Maine celebrating Ba Noi's birthday.

Baby Pizza Won

L wanted to bring all these things to daycare this Etcher Sketch, car and her doll.  There was some negotiating...she was only allowed to bring one thing. 

Our negotiating started with L leaving the Etcher Sketch on the couch.  I said only one so she went back to the couch and put the car down and in the end Baby Pizza won.  Baby Pizza is L's doll that she called Lyla at one point. Can you tell what she loves to eat pizza?!? It's either spaghetti and meatballs or pizza when I ask her what she wants for dinner.

Old MacDonald

We have a morning routine {for the most part} and it starts…
Most mornings with L wants cereal and milk. She sits at the dining room table and eats breakfast as Dave and I get ready.

I pull our lunches together and l likes to pack them.

L has to turn the t.v. off.
L heads to the door carrying her lunch box saying, “we got to go.” She puts her lunch box down and opens the door.

It’s usually in the breeze way where L gets distracted by various noises {typically a bird or lawn mower}.

Oh, before I forget, there is some coaxing by me for her to leave any extra object she is trying to bring to daycare {it doesn’t work and said thing comes for a ride}.
L is again distracted once we get outside…”a doggie Mommy, a squirrel Mommy, a bird Mommy”. She tries to chase these critters and is upset when they leave.

On our way to daycare, it’s…”a big truck, a big truck Mommy”, “a school bus Mommy”, or “what is that.”

When I arrive at daycare, it’s …”daycare!” and “it’s Gavin.” Gavin usually arrives around …

Let's Wash

A happy L in just her bottoms
This weekend was all about cars…L and Daddy spent the weekend washing and detailing each car in preparation of selling and buying a car . If L was not helping out with the cars she wanted to be in the driver seat {literally}. This was followed by many tantrums when Dave tried to get L out of the car.
To start the weekend off L & Dave made a coffee and newspaper run. The newspaper run was to check out the car ads. Upon returning, L decided to take her clothes off and head outside. She snuck out of the house {I have visions of what my future will be like} in her underwear and rain boots. Dave finds this cute, but I do not when I am trying to find her and yelling at her to get inside and put some clothes on.
Here are photos of L and Daddy washing the car. After an exhausting and hot cleaning session Dave and L went for a run…the result was L falling asleep along the way and taking a long needed nap. L had to fill the bucket just like Daddy
then they washed …

The 4th

Here are a few more photos from our July 4th weekend trip to Maine.
Here's L filling her pool so she could do this...
and this.
So Mommy could pour water over her head and she didn't mind which she normally does
If she wasn't in the water cooling down and enjoying herself there were always plenty of popsicles.
Don't forget the sparklers

It didn't really hold her interest.  Probably due to the fact the she couldn't hold them.  It was back to the pool.
To end this entry, here's another cute photo of L and baby Julia.  Julia is my friend Nicole's 7 day old baby {not mine in case some of you may be wondering}.
L is going to stay with Ba and OngNoi for a week in August...I see a lot of water and popsicles.  Pretty much all the pool photos.

Our Fourth

We spent the 4th in Maine with this cheerleader...the same cheerleader who is going through her terrible twos.  Being fresh when Mommy asked her to look at the camera and to cross her legs
who still refused to look at the camera who wanted to only drip the bubble wand and not actually use it
who still loves this kitty {who loves to be outdoors as much as L does}
who loves to make silly faces at Mommy and refuses to sit in a chair properly, but...
will listen once in a while
who loves baby Julia and trying real hard to be gentle
and battled with Mommy over whose turn it was to hold the baby
who spent most of the weekend going in and out of the pool saying, "Look at me" and "I'm swimming"
and when the end was near found time to water the flowers with Ba Noi
and just enjoyed herself. 
{to end the trip we went and got a pedicure on our way home where L chose the most hideous lime green for her toes. sorry no photo.}

The 4th One Year Ago

This was L one year  She still wants to wear the old CROCs.  When I ask her to get her shoes she reaches for those.  Dave says she will insist on wearing them and when he puts them on she immediately realizes they just don't fit.  I should put them away, but I love seeing them.

She still fits in the dress {well two months ago when I put it on her}.  We'll see when I try to put it on this weekend since she doesn't have much red in her closet.  I love seeing the belly...she doesn't sport such a big one these days {unless she just finished eating a plate full of spaghetti, milk and still wants goldfish and chocolate}.