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6.26.10 ~ L, I feel much better without my bathing suit
After sleeping most of Friday, {since we had little sleep on Thursday night} L was almost back to her normal self by Sunday. She refused to eat for most of the weekend and on Sunday started to want only fruit. I think she ate a quarter of a large watermelon by herself along with grapes, pomegranate, strawberries and blueberries. Of course, you can't forget her comfort drink...MILK..."No juice!". Who wants to clean up sour milk?!? I certainly did not, but she just refused juice. It was the strangest stomach illness that kept all the kids {but one} from L's daycare at home on Friday.
L and I tried to hang out by her pool Saturday. She played in the water for a bit, but in the end was happiest taking her bathing suit off and walking around the yard naked. She taunted Daddy when he said, “get some clothes on will you.” She just looked up at him with her hands on her hip and grinned {the photos are really cute, but not…


6.20.10 ~ Popsicle Mommy
We spent Father's Day at a neighbor's house where L spent much of the time running around naked.  She went from having a bathing suit bottom on to nothing...Clothes are optional to her these days and she's enjoying every moment.

Joey and L

The Perfect Hat

6.22.10 ~ Framingham
We’re having issues with clothes these days or lack of them. Today it was L finding the perfect hat to go with her outfit…never mind the struggle it was to get L to change for the day. Don’t you think the winter cap goes perfectly with summer dress?!? We have clothes drama every day…Daddy even tries, but he gives up quickly with a “she’s all yours” comment.
{Sorry for the blurry photo it was taken on the fly with my mobile phone}

Father's Day...

6.19.10 ~ Newburyport Happy Daddy's Day!

Children's Zoo

6.11.10 ~ L loved when the animals licked her fingers
The Records & Burpee Traveling Zoo came to town last week {they come once a year}.  Dave took L one night after he picked her up from daycare.  She had two melt downs when Dave told her it was time to go.  And he still took her the next day...he's such a softy.  I met them there the second night. 

L & Daddy getting feed for the animals
Feeding the animals
Here's a random photos I had to post.  It was taken on the day we got back from Maine L's birthday week.  It was pouring and Dave was outside doing some construction that require safety goggles.  L insisted on going outside to see Daddy.

{All photos in this post are taken by with my phone}


My Birthday - Preview from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.

Prior to L's birthday in the beginning of the month we celebrated each day leading up to her actual birthday and birthday party.  Dave's question was is this going to confusing her?...of course not. 

We were in Maine on her birthday.  Here's a video of L and her birthday cake prior to dinner and birthday cake.  L doesn't care much for cake, but she loves the frosting.

I'm tired...

6.12.10 ~ I'm tired. We were at Lowes today picking out a new kitchen sink and faucet since the piece connecting to our old sink broke.  L found two friends to play with...the girls (probably around age 5) and L were playing catch me.  The other mom commented on how L could play with the big girls.   She probably wouldn't have said that if she saw the picture above from last night (Saturday).   
Saturday I had a gathering of friends over to wish my friend, Alisha, a farewell before her move to South Carolina.  L was busy all day and right after her bath she just couldn't keep her eyes open anymore.  She climbed on Daddy and was out (it's been awhile since L fell asleep mid-anything.)

Our day started with L sweeping the grass in the rain.

Then...a battle over wearing clothes {she won round 1}...

Some reading...

Lots of treats {can you tell she has a permanent chocolate mustache?}...
Some tv time with Jailey...

Playing with her birthday bear {it sings when you press a button}.…


Strawberries from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.

The kids have a little garden at daycare. I haven’t seen it, but am aware of it because when I’ve done pick up L’s face is covered in strawberries. One of the teachers sent me this today and I had to share. L and her friend Mia are just soooo adorable I can’t get over it. What is more summer than fresh fruit {strawberries in particular}.

Memorial Day

Can you tell L enjoyed Memorial Day?!?  It was all about chocolate and being able to use the mixer. 
L sat at the table while daddy finished up some work and this is the result of her handy work.  She's showing me her work of art in this picture.