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Almost Two

Yes, she's almost two and showing all the signs of the "terrible twos."

Everything is a battle these days, but when you reflect on the day it's with a smile.

Nail Polish

5.27.10 ~ L's painted nails
This is what happens when Daddy and L get a hold of nail polish.  L is showing me their handy work.

We started the Memorial Day Weekeend early.  I started mine yesterday at noon and Dave and L started theirs at 4PM today.  Here's L and Daddy watch a neighbor's friend's dog, Milo, play...L was so excited to hear the dogs bark.

Birthday Countdown

I can't believe this little girl will be two in less than a week...
I received this email from Dave this morning, "Lyla opened the nail polish and tried to paint her toe nails."  We're doing a split shift at home since L was sent home with a fever yesterday (not much of a fever, but it's policy...oh well).


05.15.10 ~ L enjoying her mango smoothie, Framingham

L and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE smoothies...especially in the warmer weather. We love all flavors, but my favorite are the ones with berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries). L drinks whatever I get. The shops are more than happy to give me an extra cup so I can give L her own to smoothie.

I’m so glad L has my taste in food. I told her she’ll enjoy food so much more if she has my taste buds rather than her fathers…Dave agrees.

10 Months Ago...

Top two photos: L in Dayton, Maine, July 18, 2009 Bottom two photos: L before daycare today, May 13, 2010
L was in the same outfit. Today it’s a tunic, but 10 months ago it was a dress. So much has changed in 10 months. 10 months ago L was still shaky on her feet and today she’s running. 10 months ago L was in a crib and today she’s in a full size bed. 10 months ago L was in diapers and today she’s potty trained. 10 months ago L was afraid of everyone and today she waves and talks to almost anyone…Where’s Balto? Where’s Emmitt? Where’s Riley? Where’s David? What’s that? No Way. Excuse you…and it just goes on and on. She’s singing, counting, hopping, jumping and telling you exactly what she wants…”no Daddy no”…she does not like that sippy cup.
But, the one thing that hasn’t changed is she still has her Daddy wrapped around her fingers. Last night I went to my yoga class, Dave had to put L to bed. It was “Daddy lay down”, “Potty Daddy” times 3 {up and down the stairs each time}, “Juice, Mi…


We were in Maine this past week for a baby shower, First Communion and some spring cleaning where L was also potty trained and I met up with some old friends.  It's so nice to run into people I haven't seem in over fifteen years. 

05-.01.10 ~ Dylan and his Uncle Hai before they entered the church.  His hands are in the ready position...very cute.
A very excited Dylan
and A very grown up girl...almost two! Dylan's first host
Dylan posing with his cousin...always the joker...what a ham. left to right:  back row -  Sabrina, Maggie, Taylor,  front row - Paige, Dylan and Molly L refused to get into the picture. 
The proud family with Ba Nguoi and Auntie Hanh
Auntie Van and Uncle Tuan (also L's godparents)
The girls were all drawing after church
while L rode a bike.  Dylan was over in the corner counting his money to see if he had enough to buy a DS.