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4.17.10 ~ L enjoying dough with Ba Noi, Dayton, Maine
We're headed to Maine {again} for the rest of the week.  Have a nice weekend.

Mad Willies

4.24.10 ~ Mad Willies, Framingham

The Framingham History Center had their annual family fun day on the commons this past Saturday. We used it as an excuse to walk down to the ice cream parlor.  It was L's first real ice cream cone...of course it was chocolate  She loved it, but she had a problem.  After the first few licks, she bit the bottom so towards the end the ice cream was melting all over her.

On our way back to the commons


L enjoying the rain and bike ~ Arundel, Maine We spent last weekend in Maine {4 days whole days}! Having a somewhat no schedule and not to think about what’s for dinner was wonderful.
Maine the way life should be…playing, relaxing and eating lots of yummy food.  Being home this week was just as wonderful...lazy nights.  We had chicken on the grill, the weather was perfect and we were lounging outside and just talking.  It was truly the way life should be.

Happy Earth Day

OXOXO Love, Miss Sassy Pants

Oh the nails, bag and attitude.

Potty Training

Since we've started potty training there have been a lot of this...

and this...

and this...

Bless You

4.10.10 ~ the many faces of L, breakfast at home

L & I were in the car on our way to the grocery store when I sneezed.

L:  Mommy
Me:  Yes, Lyla
L: Bless You
Me:  Thank, you are a sweet girl

I could see L was smiling from the compliment.

Easter Fun

5.2.10 ~ L playing ball with Daddy before leaving for Maine on Friday Our trip to Maine was too short as always, but I am still thinking about the weekend and smiling. The weather, family, friends and over all spirit of the Easter weekend was perfect. We spend a couple of hours at the beach Saturday meeting up with old friends and their children. I would love to meet at the beach everyday. It took L some time to adjust and just when she had, she fell into one of the tide pools the kids were playing in. 4.3.10 ~ L exploring the beach We visited with Ba Nguoi after the beach. The older nieces were teaching Molly how to ride a bike without training wheels and then it was off to hunt for worms. They wanted to go fishing. To bad girls, but dad snuck with the only boy. The house used to be filled with all boys (growing up with seven brothers) and now the house is full of girls {grand}. Oh the karma…I used to tell my brothers they shouldn’t pick on me, because some day they would have girls an…

Happy Easter

4.4.10 ~ L's second egg hunt of the day...this one with Daddy.  Isn't the dress lovely?!? Ba Noi made it.
We had a wonderful weekend.   There are so much more to share...the beach, friends, learning to ride a bike, family and celebrating...later.

4.4.10 ~ L & Ba Noi baking treats for Daddy.

4.4.10 ~ L needed some quiet time.

Happy Easter.