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3.27.10 ~ L loves Daddy's chapstick.  It's the first thing she reaches for on the weekends if she wakes up in our bed...right after our nightly ritual.
There's a ritual at bedtime now. No Auntie Van, 8PM is not too early. 
Around 8PM we tell L it's bedtime.
1. L replies, "No! bedtime!"

2. "Read book"

3.  L gives Daddy a kiss and hug

4. L whines to Daddy

5. I go and guide her to the stairs

6. "I do!" L is referring to climbing the stairs all by herself

7. L goes and turns on her humidifier

8. I put L in her bed

9. “Mommy, ABC.” We sing ABC

10. “Happy Birthday.” We sing Happy Birthday

11. “Twinkle, Twinkle.” We sing Twinkle Twinkle

12. “Diaper, Mommy.” I unzip her pajamas and go through the motion of checking her diaper

13. We say, “good night and I love you.”

14. I shut the door and L cries 5 minutes

15. I go back in since L is now standing. I put her down

16. “Tissue, Mommy”

17.  I get a tissue and L blows her nose and wipes her eyes

Way to…

Not Like the Other

3.28.10 ~ L, it's all in your imagination
Many of these things are not like the others.
Winter hat indoors...not so strange. One glove...also on the incorrect hand. One boot...also on the incorrect foot. Belly hanging out...not like L.  She likes to make sure everything is in it's place.
On L it's all the right things.


3.24.10 ~ L, day one of bunny ears
Last year we sent out Easter cards that ended with L crying...she did not like the bunny ears. I thought it would be nice to send out photos of her in the same bunny ears this year.

March 2009 ~ L and her bunny ears

This year's photos were taken on two separate days, but it still ended with the ears being thrown on the floor and L crying.  However, she did much better this year.  She even smiled in the some of the photos and had to check herself out in the mirror.

3.24.10 ~ day 1 of bunny ears

Day one of "operation bunny ears"  started with L laughing at herself in the mirror and ended with tears. 
3.25.10 ~ day 2 of bunny ears, L was not letting me get near her
Day 2 of "operation bunny ears" showed a much happier L.  Why?  Because she won't let mommy near her.  I even used Baby Lyla as a ploy to get L to wear the ears.  L did not like it and snatched the ears away.


3.21.10 ~ Potter Road School Park, Framingham
Happy Spring!  We didn't get to enjoy much of yesterday's unseasonably warm bright weather so we spent most of today outdoors. 
You may be thinking, why is L wearing a winter cap in the beautiful weather?  L put it on before we left for the park and every time I asked her if she wanted to take it off she said, "no." 
Pure joy, I heart the slide! 
Slide = Pure Joy for L. You can see it all over her.  She absolutely loves the slide...over the moon with joy!   Can't you tell?!? 
3.21.10 ~ Signs of Spring, at home
Before the park, we explored the neighborhood and ran around the house {literally}.  There were signs of spring everywhere...the sun, warm weather, singing birds and most of all tulips.
Jared, may you rest in peace my friend.

A Girl & Her Clothes

3.14.10 ~ My Clothes

When we're upstairs in L's room she loves to take her clothes off the rack and carries them around.  She'll carry about 1/2 a dozen around the room and I am not allowed to go near the closet. It's either the clothes in the closet or opening her drawers taking the clothes out and putting them in the closet. 

This weekend it was clothes and music.   It's music from morning to night.  I'm convinced L doesn't really like t.v.  It's the theme songs of the show...Calliou, Wonder Pets, Bob the Builder and Sesame Street.  

Tonight L told me it was her birthday.  I've heard of birthday week and month.  Perhaps we should celebrate everyday.  Add it to the L everyday is her birthday minus the cake.   "No cake.  Don't like that."

Color Week Wrap Up

3.12.10 ~ orange day and 3.13.10 ~ yellow day

The last two days of color week was orange and yellow {the color we chose for the last day}.  For yellow we had to pull out L's summer clothes.  The final day included a color parade at daycare. 

L's excited to have Daddy home...she hasn't left his side since we woke up.   I won't have to answer, "Where Daddy?" for the 100th time since he's been away.  Well, unless she can't find him in the house.   

I told L we needed to go get her hair cut today...."No haircut day."

Color Week 2

3.8.10 ~ purple day with L waiting for the weekly dump trunk & 3.10.10 ~ green day, say, "cheese."
It's the second week of Color at daycare.  Monday was purple and today was green.  Tomorrow it's orange and I haven't figured out what Friday is all about.  All I know is I signed L up for one of the only two color available.  It was either yellow or red...yellow it was.
This morning's conversation: L: piggy bank? Me: no, we don't have time L:  mama, piggy bank? Me: no L: piggy bank, piggy bank? Me: what did mommy say?  L:  please, please, please Me: Lyla, what did mommy say?
L walked off.   When did she learn to beg?!?

The rest of the week should be interesting.  Dave is headed out of town for work.


3.1.10 & 3.3.10 ~ Framingham
It's color week.  For two weeks it will be color week at daycare.  This week's colors were red, blue and yellow. I forgot to take {really didn't have time Wednesday morning} a photo of L's blue outfit.
The yellow and warm weather is definitely lifting our spirits...Spring is jaround the corner and L is slowing going back to her happy little self! 

Lately, we're finding L at the bathroom sink with the water turned on.   It's a full time job just keeping her out of the bathoom.  L drops everything the moment she hears the bathroom door being open.  I hear runnung feet and turn around to find L with the stool in hand.