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Out of Commission

2.20.10 ~ Children's Musuem, Portland Maine
We're out of commission this week...more L than us.  We're all exhausted.  L's fever started on Sunday after our trip to Maine.   She has croup and is on the mend, but still refuses to eat much.  She's still spunky.

L at 2 am in the morning these past few days
L:  mama, mama, milk please, water please.

L at dinner tonight
me: do you want some chicken?
L: no, thank you.

L at bed time
me: you need your medicine.
L: no, medicine.
me: bed time.
L: no, I sit here. I sit here.

L all the time
L: mama, tissue. tissue. tissue.
L: tv on, tv on.
L:  daddy, up.
L: mama, mama, mama {my typical response is to repeat her name and she laughs}

L's also been telling daddy he has to take his belt off because it's uncomfortable for her when she sits on him.  I haven't heard the conversation.

New England Aquarium

2.15.10 ~ L was fascinated but scared
We headed into Boston today for the New England Aquarium.  Dave and L had the day off so I decided to take a PTO day.  It was a mob scene...seriously, what were we thinking.

L touching the starfish
We waited in line for 45 minutes and once we were inside, we barely had elbow room.  We knew it was February vacation week, but didn't think it would be that bad. 
L fascinated by the small fish
L enjoyed it.  She loved the small fish and peguins. 
L could stay in this spot all day

L was enjoying the peguins until she spotted mama across the way


2.14.10 ~ L refusing to give Riley his toy

Auntie Van and Uncle Tuan visited this weekend with their dog, Riley.  L was afraid of him at first, but it didn't take long for it to reverse.  After breakfast on Saturday, L was chasing Riley around and by the end of today she was saying, "Bad Riley, no Riley."

L received the piggy bank from Auntie and Uncle.  She loves it.   Once our house guests had left it was play time.

2.14.10 ~ Play time: train time, paint time and time to fill the piggy

Once daddy come home it was Daddy time.


Happy Valentine's Day

Sending all our love!


2.10.10 ~ L waiting for the snow to arrive
It was a 1/2 day for L today.  The anticipated snow closed daycare at noon so I worked from home.  L wore me out so it nice Dave came home early to entertain her because I needed a nap.

  L & Daddy reading

L returning a kiss after hearing "With a kiss for my cheeks" from "In Grandma's Arms"

I've also been nesting {after 20 months of built up clutter} and will share photos soon.

2.09.10 ~ L before daycare.  I love this photo and had to share

Time out

2.7.10 ~ L getting a time out {taken with my phone}

L is given a warning before I give her a time out. I count to three...things are usually done by the time I count to 2. If she's feeling sassy she'll count with me {Dave finds it hilarious}. I will give them no matter where we are. This one was while we were out shopping today.

How do you know Dave picked out L's out for the day?  She's dressed in all pink.  However, the black shoes are L's doing.  She chose them.

Library Day

2.06.10 ~ A little reading before all the other kids show up
It has been a while since we've been to the library {over a month}. L is very comfortable in a library. Today, L actually listened to me when I told her to put an adult book back before we head down stairs to the children's section. It was leaving the children's section that become a problem.  L did not want to leave, but after an hour and a half it was time to go.

The Framingham Public Library is certainly not like the library I grew with...the size alone is a huge difference. We arrived fairly early so L had the children's section to herself. She read, I read to her, she played with the blocks, puzzles, the computer {I won't turn on and she kept asking} and the dinosaurs..."dinosaur say roar."  L also made a couple of new friends.

2.06.10 ~ L playing with the puzzle, on the computer, blocks and trying to get a book

{photos taken with my phone}


2.03.01 ~ squeeze, Framingham

Tonight I actually got home early enough {before 6:30} to make dinner. L wanted me to watch tv with to keep her occupied, I got her water, a sponge, and other kitchen items to play with. She loved it. She cried when I told her it was dinnertime. A minute a later she came to the table. Like her dad, L does not like to miss a meal.

L from the play to the dinner table.