01.16.10 ~ Look at my teeth, Dayton

This weekend it was all about Balto, Emmitt, grapes, Charlie and the Wiggles.  L chased Emmitt around the house calling him Kit Cat and they had their usual staring contest.  Balto got a lot of love and pats.  Every time he left the house L went from window to window keeping him in her sight.  L polished off all the grapes and tortured Molly by throwing Charlie off the couch every time Molly put him back on the couch.

L trying to get Kit Cat to play with the ribbon

Still trying to catch Kit Cat

Staring Contest

01.17.10 ~ Hogging all the grapes, Dayton

Tried to give Balto his treat but then just enjoyed watching

L throwing Charlie off the couch in between having Molly find her a Wiggles song she liked on the computer, Arundel


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