Eat, Eat, Eat

1.3.09 ~ L peeling her clementine

Seriously, when did my child start getting bossy? I’m sure she has always been, but it was suddle. Overnight, she’s telling me what to do. Last night I started to notices it and this morning I was thinking about it.

For the past two nights, L has not liked what Dave prepared for dinner and refused food (they are currently going through a power struggle). On Monday, I came home to find L in her pajamas sitting in her chair. Apparently she was so naughty Dave had to put her in the chair. I made her a dinner she would eat.

Last night she refused Dave's dinner again. I gave her a clementine when I got home. She wants to peel it and demanded the fruit as soon as it came out of the refrigerator. She was jumping up and down trying to grab it even before I could start it for her. She peeled it and ate only a couple of pieces. I went to relax and L came into the living room saying, “eat, eat, eat” until I went into the kitchen. I made her dinner and she ate it. Once that was done, we settled on the couch until she then demanded milk. Back to the kitchen and then it was “sit, sit, sit.” She wanted me to sit on the couch with her while she drank her milk.

It’s not all being bossy. She now wants to do everything herself. When I start to sing a song, she shakes her head. Apparently she doesn’t want me to sing with her. She wants to sing the song all by herself. She’s becoming more independent…she no longer wants me to peel her fruit, singing songs with her and she wants to put her milk and lunch in the refrigerator at daycare without help. There are many more embarrassing things.

Still peeling...

Enjoying her fruit


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