Art form

01.13.10 ~ I love Emm-ma-ma also know as Emmitt, Dayton

L this past week:
  • Is ready for bed at 7:30 but spends 30 minutes talking and singing to herself in bed. As Dave would say, “So cute.”
  • Mama has replaced mum and daddy has replaced dad. It will change again.
  • “No” has become an art form for L. A shake of the head with the word no (drawn out) with some kind of body movement
  • When it’s mama saying no, crying and whining starts as she stomps off to another room. She comes back whining for it and the answer is still no. It follows with a cry and a stomp. Repeat this numerous times.
L and I were in Maine this weekend. With a bathroom remodel planned and no daycare on Monday it was the perfect time to get away.  We came home a day early because daddy missed us.


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