Good bye 2009

12.30.09 ~ Eric Carle Museum, Amherst, MA

I have no idea where the last two weeks of 2009 went. It felt like we were riding on a high speed train. Right before Christmas L had a Christmas Sing-A-Long at daycare and she hasn't stopped singing. She certainly knows what she is singing. We're slowly figuring out which songs they are...either "The Wheels on the Bus," "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" or "Happy Birthday." There may be others, we haven't figured them out. I think I heard the theme song for "Bob the Builder."

Christmas had so many special moments. L received a doll she has name baby "Lyla." The best part of Christmas for L was being with the Emmitt and Balto and ripping open her gifts...never mind what was in them (somewhat). L and Emmitt had staring contests, played hide and go seek and follow the leader. It was Emmitt hiding and L trying to find him.

With Christmas over, Dave and I had to head back to work. Ba Noi came down and watched L for a couple of days. Midweek L, Ba Noi and I went to the Eric Carle Museum in Western Mass. It's a wonderful place and makes you want to buy every book possible for your child.

2009 ended with a facial (my first with many more in the future)...thank you Dave. Below is a recap of the last two weeks of 2009.

Happy New good health and spirit in 2010.

btw...the brown coloring on L's face is chocolate. The holidays for L was all about animals and "choc choc choc."

12-23-09 ~ L at the Sing-a-long, "Mum I see you", Framingham

The toddlers did not like singing in front of the crowd, but the preschoolers did

I'm not where I'm supposed to be

12.23.09 ~ Getting to open an early present, Dayton, Maine

12.24.09 ~ I may be sick but I am still happy, Arundel, Maine

Endless photos ops - Paige, Dylan, Myles and L

Celebrating Christmas eve at my mother's
L opening her next gift, she didn't care about what the others were doing behind her

12.25.09 ~ L putting stickers on paper and coloring, Dayton, Maine

Aliza helping L get ready for her morning walk with Ba Noi

Aliza showing L her gift from Santa

L & Emmitt having a staring contest
L loving Baby Lyla

L following Balto around
Aren't those slippers wonderful? Thanks Aunt Shan
12.26.09 ~ One last thing L had to do before we left Maine, decorate Balto

12.30.09 ~ L at Eric Carle Museum, Amherst, Mass

L & Ba Noi

L & Mum

L refused to leave the caterpillar, there were too many friends to play with

Art project at the museum, L really enjoyed using the tape

What else can I play with in here

L discovered pockets and loved putting her hands in them

More love for Baby Lyla, look at her hands, can it be any cuter?!?

12.31.09 ~ New Years Eve, reading with Dad. Her outfit is still a little too big

01.01.10 ~ L reverted back to using paci she never used as a baby...could it be the one tooth arriving slowly? Resting before our afternoon trip to the mall with Thanh, Tien, Tyler, Michael, Loan, Billy, Hong and Maggie.


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