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1.30.10 ~ yummmm...
pomegranate! She abandoned chicken fingers and french fries for them.

1.29.10 ~ L before daycare.  Luv the word Friday on the tv.
Friday was dress up day at daycare to end the two week theme, "The Clothes I Wear."  I decided to go all out.  The dress and sweater was one of many outfits from Dolly, Hai and The Hamels and the coat from Steve, Mary, Quin and Aliza.  It was perfect for the day.  
L was feeling silly today.  Can you tell?!?...She decided to be funny for me.  She also went potty in the toilet today and was so proud of herself (so wasn't I).  I won't embarrass her too much with the photos I took.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

01.27.10 ~ L in her crazy hat before daycare...not for long
Tonight L sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" for Dave and me. She loves to sing and I'm impressed by the number of songs she knows. Yesterday at daycare, she sang the song to her class and then in the corner to the dolls.
It's been a busy work week so I haven't been able to take the morning photos I was able to take last week. Here's L in her "crazy hat"...not so crazy. Last week's daycare theme "The Clothes I Wear" continued into this week. Wednesday was crazy hat day and tomorrow is dress up day with a class photo. Let's see how that turns now. L is not a big fan of photos taken by other people.

Jump Baby

Here's a video of a happy, screaming L...jumping with her baby.  Excuse the mess, we were in the middle of cleaning the house. 

01.23.10 ~ Jump from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.

All Grown Up?

She wants to take off and put on her clothes…must be the due to the daycare theme this week. As you can see with one boot on and one off.  The picture above shows what L did today.

No booster seat for me

She's all grown up? L refused to sit at the dining room table in her booster. Instead she dragged it into the living room and used it as a seat. She spent today occupying her time with Baby Lyla, clothes, her books, food and the television. This was on top of putting away the groceries.

Let me help

I need to post a video soon.  She has so much fun dancing these days.



It was all about kisses this morning...isn't she adorable?!?  Not sure how clean the mirror is....L didn't seem to mind.

Were you looking?

Simply adorable.

Big Meany

01.21.10 ~ L crying, Framingham

There have been no crying pictures, thought I would share one. L was a happy baby and now a happy toddler. Her crying typically stopped before I could get the camera out.  If she cries it’s because she’s hurt herself (the norm these days) or because of mama (big Meany). Yes, I do say no and I discipline.

Here’s L crying because mama took away the sippy cup lid needed for her milk. We already spent 15 minutes on the toilet because someone told me she needed to poop. We were running usual.even later today.

All better now

Pajama Day

01.20.10 ~ L dancing before daycare, Framingham

It's "The Clothes I Wear" week at was "Pajama Day."

Special Election

01.19.10 ~ L checking her butt and outfit in the mirror

The Massachusetts Senate Special Election was today. We arrived at our polling station around 7:30pm and 60% of our precinct has already voted (Framingham has 18 polling station). People do care about what is happening in politics right now.


01.16.10 ~ Look at my teeth, Dayton

This weekend it was all about Balto, Emmitt, grapes, Charlie and the Wiggles.  L chased Emmitt around the house calling him Kit Cat and they had their usual staring contest.  Balto got a lot of love and pats.  Every time he left the house L went from window to window keeping him in her sight.  L polished off all the grapes and tortured Molly by throwing Charlie off the couch every time Molly put him back on the couch.

L trying to get Kit Cat to play with the ribbon

Still trying to catch Kit Cat

Staring Contest

01.17.10 ~ Hogging all the grapes, Dayton

Tried to give Balto his treat but then just enjoyed watching

L throwing Charlie off the couch in between having Molly find her a Wiggles song she liked on the computer, Arundel

Art form

01.13.10 ~ I love Emm-ma-ma also know as Emmitt, Dayton

L this past week:
Is ready for bed at 7:30 but spends 30 minutes talking and singing to herself in bed. As Dave would say, “So cute.”Mama has replaced mum and daddy has replaced dad. It will change again.“No” has become an art form for L. A shake of the head with the word no (drawn out) with some kind of body movementWhen it’s mama saying no, crying and whining starts as she stomps off to another room. She comes back whining for it and the answer is still no. It follows with a cry and a stomp. Repeat this numerous times.L and I were in Maine this weekend. With a bathroom remodel planned and no daycare on Monday it was the perfect time to get away.  We came home a day early because daddy missed us.

First Haircut

1.9.10 ~ L before her haircut, doesn't she look excited?

L had her first hair cut yesterday.  As Aunt Van said, her hair was "business in the front, party in the back!" It was time for a cut. As I anticipated, she FREAKED out.  We did manage to get it cut .  Jackie at Styles 'N Smiles was patient.  She put Elmo on the tv, but it didn't work.  L sat on me crying as Jackie cut her hair. 

1.9.10 ~ bed head, definitely time for a cut

All smiles after her cut, helping dad put groceries away

View of the hair cut from the back


12.31.09 ~ L loves to be tossed around by Dad

It’s the New Year and I’m feeling like I’ve neglected my blog for too long. As you probably noticed my blogging had become sporadic, posts were more photos then words and the content has shifted a lot. Not to mention, the layout needed some changing and I debated my blog title. When I originally started blogging it was a way of expression. Hoang had just passed away and it made me feel better to write about what was going on. The blog has morphed into a way to keep family and friends updated on our life…mainly it’s all about L.  There will be more changes.

Eat, Eat, Eat

1.3.09 ~ L peeling her clementine

Seriously, when did my child start getting bossy? I’m sure she has always been, but it was suddle. Overnight, she’s telling me what to do. Last night I started to notices it and this morning I was thinking about it.
For the past two nights, L has not liked what Dave prepared for dinner and refused food (they are currently going through a power struggle). On Monday, I came home to find L in her pajamas sitting in her chair. Apparently she was so naughty Dave had to put her in the chair. I made her a dinner she would eat.
Last night she refused Dave's dinner again. I gave her a clementine when I got home. She wants to peel it and demanded the fruit as soon as it came out of the refrigerator. She was jumping up and down trying to grab it even before I could start it for her. She peeled it and ate only a couple of pieces. I went to relax and L came into the living room saying, “eat, eat, eat” until I went into the kitchen. I made her dinner and she at…

Good bye 2009

12.30.09 ~ Eric Carle Museum, Amherst, MA

I have no idea where the last two weeks of 2009 went. It felt like we were riding on a high speed train. Right before Christmas L had a Christmas Sing-A-Long at daycare and she hasn't stopped singing. She certainly knows what she is singing. We're slowly figuring out which songs they are...either "The Wheels on the Bus," "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" or "Happy Birthday." There may be others, we haven't figured them out. I think I heard the theme song for "Bob the Builder."

Christmas had so many special moments. L received a doll she has name baby "Lyla." The best part of Christmas for L was being with the Emmitt and Balto and ripping open her gifts...never mind what was in them (somewhat). L and Emmitt had staring contests, played hide and go seek and follow the leader. It was Emmitt hiding and L trying to find him.

With Christmas over, Dave and I had to head back to work. Ba Noi came down a…