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Happy Holidays

12.20.09 ~ L trying to figure out snow
We're headed to's been so busy we're looking forward to just being with family for the next few days.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

Tree Hunt

12.06.09 ~ Framingham
We went and got our Christmas tree on Saturday. As always L had to be with her Dad. Where he went she had to be there. I love the picture melts my heart! It also shows how quickly L is growing up. I'm just not ready.

12.05.09 ~ Russell's Farm, Wayland

As for the tree trimming. L wanted to put the ornaments on and then take them right off. After a while it was driving me nuts. She knew how I was feeling. I told her we needed a break and she needed to go in the kitchen. She actually listened to me. It was cute seeing her come back into the living room but not quite come in. She would look into the room and just grin.

What's also amazes me is how truly L has become a toddler. The personality of an 18 month old just facinates me. All in a span of hours L went from dancing with Blue to trying to put her socks over her sleeper, to trying to put a headband on her head (see the white band around L's neck in the picture with L on the ball). Ball, y…

Joy to Your World...

As you can see there's plenty of it here...

11.26.09 ~ Dayton
Happy December and may the holiday season bring you good spirits with plenty of smiles and laughter.