Boots and Chocolate

L's personality comes through in this photo

Dave was away last week...another trip to Costa Rica. Ba Noi came down and stayed with L and I for the week. It was stressful with Dave gone so I don't know how bad it would have been if we didn't have Ba Noi's help. I couldn't imagine doing drop off, pick up, trying to get dinner and bath time done with a BUSY work week.

Last week was also Hoang's birthday. She seems to consume my mind and heart around her birthday. I can see L in her. L touches her ears a lot. She likes to rub the edges of her ear. Anyone who knew Hoang well knew she had an ear fetish. As a child she used to rub my parents' ears to comfort herself. Also, I have this picture in my mind of Hoang as a child getting excited about something and looking at me with this big grin. When L does it I see Hoang.

L is growing every day. She's talking, singing and dancing more and more these days. Not only does she have a strong personality, but she has her own opinions as well. She knows what she wants...these days it's wearing boots and eating chocolate. I never thought I would be trying to reason with a child. For us to get out the door on time in the morning, I have to give L an account of what we need to do. It speeds things up when she's in agreement with me.

This past weekend, I tried to find L black shoes for the wasn't easy finding simple black shoes that would fit around a toddler's chubby feet. I bought black boots instead. If I asked L if I could try the shoes on her and she said, "yes" then things went smoothly. If she said, "no" there was no way I was getting the shoes on her. I had to rephrase the sentence and it worked.
Below is a video of L dancing to the Wiggles. She loves to climb on the chair and play on the computer.

Dancing and the Wiggles from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.


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