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11.22.09 ~ Natick
We're headed to Maine for a few days to visit with family, eat lots of food (yup!yup!yup! as L would say), do some shopping and to celebrate life and death...enjoy each other.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Boots and Chocolate

L's personality comes through in this photo

Dave was away last week...another trip to Costa Rica. Ba Noi came down and stayed with L and I for the week. It was stressful with Dave gone so I don't know how bad it would have been if we didn't have Ba Noi's help. I couldn't imagine doing drop off, pick up, trying to get dinner and bath time done with a BUSY work week.
Last week was also Hoang's birthday. She seems to consume my mind and heart around her birthday. I can see L in her. L touches her ears a lot. She likes to rub the edges of her ear. Anyone who knew Hoang well knew she had an ear fetish. As a child she used to rub my parents' ears to comfort herself. Also, I have this picture in my mind of Hoang as a child getting excited about something and looking at me with this big grin. When L does it I see Hoang.
L is growing every day. She's talking, singing and dancing more and more these days. Not only does she have a strong personality, but she has he…