Pumpkin Painting and Leaf Raking

10.24.09 ~ Pumpkin Painting, photo taken by Wholefoods

On Saturday we attended Wholefoods’ pumpkin painting event held for the kids. What a wonderful event….L really enjoyed herself. She didn’t want to stop. It was a great day for the event since it rained most of the day and L gets antsy when we’re in the house for too long. She goes stir crazy and starts to bang on the door to get out.
10.24.09 ~ Pumpkin Painting, photo taken by Wholefoods

The Wholefoods staff was quite nice and the children were all very adorable. There was a nice turn out. I’m guessing around 15 children. The pumpkin painting was followed with a snack of Pirate’s Booty and juice. We’re headed back to Wholefoods on Saturday for the trick or treat event they are having for the children.

L enjoying her Pirate's Booty after all her hard work

L's pumpkin is the third one down

On Sunday, L and I raked the leaves in the yard. L was enjoying herself until dada came home on his lunch break. From that point, she just wanted him to hold her. I raked while they went inside to get a snack. But, when Dave had to go back to work I couldn’t get L to behave while I raked (as she was before dada came home).
L putting leaves in her wagon
Our little precious is getting a real attitude these days. “NO, Nooo, Nay,” seems to be screamed at me quite bit these days followed with a boycott. She’ll even shake her head at me. L was wandering our neighbors’ yards on Sunday and I could not get her to come back into our yard. I had to go and get her. She tried to run from me, screamed, “No!” and while I’m trying to walk her away from the yard she screamed and did a sit in.
She’s also teething again…poor baby. L followed me around the house on Sunday, saying, “mum mum mum” and rubbing her cheeks. I try not to give L Motrin often, but it eased the pain and she wasn’t rubbing her cheeks as much.

She loves her dada (every morning, she says dada down


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