The Bumble Bee

Our little bumble bee, Wholefoods, Framingham

With almost 70 degree weather, I put L in a bee costume I bought when I bought the white cat costume {L wore the cat costume to Aliza's birthday party} since I liked them both and thought it may be too hot for the cat costume on Halloween. I'm glad I never returned the costumed as L looked stinkin' adorable in it and was the show at Wholefoods today.

We spend the morning raking the leave in our yard and then headed to Wholefoods. While trick or treating at the neighbors was fun I preferred going to Wholefoods. Reason one, it was during the day and reason two, L was more comfortable at Wholefoods than knocking on the neighbors doors. We only visited four homes...the neighbors we talk to the most. I didn't wait for the sun to go down. L was getting tired because she ran around most of the day and I didn't want to change our routine. I'm a stickler when it comes to routines with L. L enjoyed passing out the candy so much more than asking for the candy. She managed to even get the treats in the trick or treaters' bag.

L not wanting to go home, is doing her usual sit-in

We had two visitors who made themselves at home. A little boy who came in and who started playing with L's toys {good thing I picked the house up}. The little boy's mom had to come in and drag him out...she was running out. Our second guest was a dog. I made 40 treat bags and had to use the left over chocolate bars to pass out. The candy was gone by 7:30 {we had about 50 trick or treaters} and it was L's bed time so the house when dark.

L helping me cleaning before the trick or treaters come

Helping me even with her eye makeup still on from the Wholefoods trick or treat event

Here are a few photos from this morning's leave raking.

Enjoying a ride from daddy

Playing chase with Erin, our neighbor

Playing hide and seek

Taking a break

Enjoying a snack with Erin

Playing chase


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