Aliza's party and a Not so Happy Cat

We celebrated Aliza’s 6th birthday in costume on the 3rd. Me, no {as expected}. L, no…our little cat did not want to part-take in the costume festivities. I had to apply her make-up twice because she rubbed the first one off. I didn’t dress her in costume until we got to the party in hopes she would keep it on long enough for photos. She “kicked and screamed” while I put the costume on and then again until I took it off. She wore the costume during pizza time, but wanted it off after.

While the other kids were doing this...

L was doing that...she's not in to group photos right now. I can't get her to take one photo with a group of kids in any setting.

The kids enjoyed decorating their own cupcake {what a fun idea}.

But, L didn't really enjoy herself until everyone left and it was just her, Quin and Aliza playing.


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