Girl and Her Stool

9.21.09 ~L & the stool

Ba Noi was asking this past weekend if L still dragged the stool around, in particular to the bathroom to wash her hands. I told her not so much anymore, but it got me thinking. She really doesn’t have the opportunity because we’re always on the go. She’s used to being out and about and probably feels most comfortable in her car seat.

We went up to Maine last weekend to visit our families and fall/winter clothes shop for L. L is now more comfortable around her grandparents, uncles and cousins. It’s nice to see her more relaxed around people. She’s had stranger anxiety since birth and it’s just now easing up. You still can’t approach her first. She has to feel comfortable around her environment before she starts interacting. Balto and Emmitt, Ba and Ong Noi’s dog and cat, is even becoming a source of entertainment. L used to screech when they approach her.

We’re headed to a couple of parties this weekend, one being Aliza’s birthday party. I'm hoping to post some cute Halloween pictures next week.

9.27.09 ~ L & Emmitt

9.27.09 ~ L, Ba Noi & Emmitt playing with Dave's old train set

9-28-09 ~ L before daycare {breakfast on the go, rice cake}


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