10.10.09 ~ Dylan & Riley, Alfred, Maine

Auntie Van and Uncle Tuan visited L last weekend…yes, the time was spent with Dave and me, but they really just wanted to see L. They brought their new baby…Riley…their puppy. L screamed at first when Riley started moving around her as she does when she sees any new dogs. We had plans to go apple and pumpkin picking around our house, but at the last minute decided to head to Maine to pick apples.

We went and visited Ba Ngoai and then went to Gile’s Family Farm with my brother, nieces and nephew. The nieces loved carrying L around the orchard and she didn’t seem to mind. Dylan was more interested in using the apple picker. We had a perfect day for apple picking and the apples were perfect. L loves the golden delicious {which is also Ba Ngoai’s favorite}.


Molly, Dylan, Sabrina & Maggie

L & Auntie Van

Tuan, Van & Riley

Here’s a photo of L with her rain boots this morning saying, “cheese.” She wanted to wear them. She brought them over and kept saying, “shoe.” It must be the affects of the shoe because when I asked L to go stand over there and say, “cheese,” she actually did it. I’m told by Ba Noi that Dave loved his boots as a child. L is definitely her father’s child.

10.18.09 ~ Saying Cheese

10.16.09 ~ L before daycare


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