Labor Day Weekend

09.05.09 ~ L had to get in the water

We had a great Labor Day weekend enjoying our three day weekend. We need more of them. Saturday was spent on the South Shore celebrating Isabella's 1st birthday. She is so adorable and happy...not a shy baby like L. Well, L is coming out of her attachment to Dave and I. She is more independent. It showed today at daycare drop off when she didn't want me to kiss or hug her good bye and just waved good bye.

The princesses at the party...L marches to her own beat. This was the only photo I could get of L & the group.

Bella, the birthday girl

L had a great time at Bella's party. She loved the bouncy house. She didn't want to give the other kids a turn. When I told her she needed to get out, she went to the other side where I couldn't reach her. She made me go in and get her. She also loved going down the slide or in L's case first climbing up it and then going down.

L & her cousin Reed playing in the pool.

09.06.09 ~ L wanted to hang out by herself upstairs

09.06.09 ~ to cold for the pool so we played in the yard

Yesterday, we went into Boston and walked part of the Freedom Trail. L loved it. She especially loved seeing all the frisbee players (smiling every time it was thrown), dogs and pigeons. She loved pointing them out to us...on the ground and ledges of Faneuil Hall center.

We finally made it back to Boston Common and thought L would enjoy the Frog Pond. She wanted to go right in. We had to hold her back. We made it 1/2 around the pond and decided to let her get in. She loved the pond. I had to go in and get her and as usual she gave us a fight.

Can you see the joy in her face and body?


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