Caring and Compassionate

9.12.09 ~ L still enjoys in and out

Daycare started the new daycare/school year after Labor Day. With the new year, we had to fill out new paperwork…pages and pages of them. I didn’t think I would ever get through them. I remember one of the questions was what we wanted our child to get out of the program. I wrote patience and kindness. I want L to be kind to the other people and understand them.

It makes me happy to think L is a caring and compassionate child. I’ll try to retell this story as best as I can. This week at Crossroads, the toddler class welcomed a new member. The little girl (I’ve forgotten her name) was frightened and crying. L went and hugged her. From there L had a new friend. Her new friend, who is twice the size of L, wanted to sit in L's lap to be comforted.

I smile. smile. smile


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