15th Month Check up

8.30.09 ~ L giving me a snort...being silly

L has her 15 month check up yesterday....what a day we had. Of course, I was running late to pick L up for her check and to add to my lateness, I stopped to try and help a man in distress {while L was locked in her car}. Also, route 128 was back up so I had to find a different route. With a little sense of direction, I was able to head in the opposite direction and pick up Route 30 and 16.

L is in the 80+ percentile for height and weight. Her weight was 25.4 pounds and height was 31.5 inches. It surprised me because I thought she was trimming down. All week we struggled with sleep and I thought it might have to do with what the doctor termed "her 15th month molars". It was her molar and an ear infection. Ba Noi will be glad to hear that L went to sleep in her crib tonight with just a little fussing.

Ba Noi was here this week watching L because there was no daycare. We've enjoyed having her here and she was a godsend. Not only did she make our week easier...taking care of L, the new refrigerator delivered this week and the cooking and cleaning.

This week L has picked up a lot of new things. Her vocabulary seems to be growing (Lyla, up, I sit and move) and she has a "wicked" sense of humor. She enjoys me asking for a kiss and her smiling and shaking her head no. She thinks it's the funnies thing to do to me besides wrestling. She's eating veggies again and want to eat them with a spoon. The video below is of her eating with a spoon.

I think L also kept Ba Noi entertained by carrying a little stool around. She carried it to the dining room window so she can climb up to see out. She carried it to the bathroom sink to wash her hands. Apparently, every time Ba Noi asked L if she wanted a snack she went to the wash her hands. By the 4th day, L had her and Ba Noi's routine down. The routine include a couple of walks during day and playing in the pool. On the 4th day at 9:30, L wanted to go for her walk and so she went and got Ba Noi's sneakers from the bedroom. I can picture this and I know Ba Noi is still at awe by this.

L had Ba Noi read her books over and over again. She still loves to read. I think she is now learning from the books. When I ask her what the cow says, she responses with "moooo." This comes from the book, "Everywhere the Cow Says 'Moo!'" she received from Ba and Ong Noi for her 1st birthday. L's 15th month birthday has arrived with a bang. We're enjoying every moment.


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