08.01.09 ~ Van & Tuan's Wedding, photo taken by Onada Photography

It was a quiet weekend for the most part…quiet because we didn’t have to be any where at a certain time. There are few quiet moments these days. This weekend there were many moments of laughter, awe, tantrums and time-outs. I’m always telling Dave I had to give L a time out, but I’m not sure he believes L understands them. She understands them…I can tell her if she doesn’t stop she will get a time out and she stops. But, there are times where I have to give her a time out. I take her hand and lead her towards the closest door and say time out (in my most stern voice) and she heads to the door crying. She comes back after she's calm down and gives me a hug and kiss. This is her way of saying, sorry. Dave saw it this weekend and it made him raise his brow after he watched L waddle off to her time out. After she was done giving me hug and kiss she went to Dave and asked to be picked up. She sat on his lap just eyeing me like I was a mean “mum.”

Tantrums seemed to be the norm these days. When we take things away from L she either talks back to us or starts throwing tantrums with hands flying and yelling at us. She stops instantly but what follows is one of three things…she continues to do what we tell her not to do, ignores us and moves on to the next thing or goes for the sympathy thing. This is usually her going to Dave and wanting him to pick her up and practically telling on me. Don’t think she’s forgotten about it either, because she will try to the repeat her action not 5 minutes later.

She awed us many times through out the weekend...we're amazed how quickly she picks up on things. I keep telling Dave we better be careful with L around because when we don’t think she’s watching she will surprise us. This weekend I told L her clothes were dirty and she grabbed them, opened the hamper lid and put them in it. When she was done using the wipes she pulled out of its box, she went to the kitchen trash can open the lid and threw them in. The most shocking thing is L trying to pump lotion in her palm and preceding to rug her hands together. Seriously, when did she pick that up?!? Daycare is amazed she can do the sit and spin.

I'm starting to put the thought of potty training in L's head...taking it slow. Lately, L's been standing at the bathroom door to poop. I've been following up with the question, "did you poop?" L will respond with either the word poop or by shaking her head.

Overall, she amazes us everyday.

08.01.09 ~ photo taken by Onada Photography


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