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08.01.09 ~ Van & Tuan's Wedding, photo taken by Onada Photography

It was a quiet weekend for the most part…quiet because we didn’t have to be any where at a certain time. There are few quiet moments these days. This weekend there were many moments of laughter, awe, tantrums and time-outs. I’m always telling Dave I had to give L a time out, but I’m not sure he believes L understands them. She understands them…I can tell her if she doesn’t stop she will get a time out and she stops. But, there are times where I have to give her a time out. I take her hand and lead her towards the closest door and say time out (in my most stern voice) and she heads to the door crying. She comes back after she's calm down and gives me a hug and kiss. This is her way of saying, sorry. Dave saw it this weekend and it made him raise his brow after he watched L waddle off to her time out. After she was done giving me hug and kiss she went to Dave and asked to be picked up. She sat on his lap just …

Van & Tuan's Photos

Van and Tuan's photos from their weddings are back...they are beautiful

09.19.09 ~ L brushing her teeth {click on picture to see larger view}

These are photos of L brushing her teeth this morning. Trying to take the tooth brush away from her was a battle I did not want to get into. I waited and waited (we needed to go grocery shopping) until Dave finally took it away from her. Yes, she threw a fit. One of many these days.

Caring and Compassionate

9.12.09 ~ L still enjoys in and out

Daycare started the new daycare/school year after Labor Day. With the new year, we had to fill out new paperwork…pages and pages of them. I didn’t think I would ever get through them. I remember one of the questions was what we wanted our child to get out of the program. I wrote patience and kindness. I want L to be kind to the other people and understand them.

It makes me happy to think L is a caring and compassionate child. I’ll try to retell this story as best as I can. This week at Crossroads, the toddler class welcomed a new member. The little girl (I’ve forgotten her name) was frightened and crying. L went and hugged her. From there L had a new friend. Her new friend, who is twice the size of L, wanted to sit in L's lap to be comforted.
I smile. smile. smile

My Name is Lyla

This one is for Aunt Van and Uncle Tuan. Hopefully this will make you smile. It's a small substitute for not being able to take L this weekend. Sorry, what can I do about an over protective daddy. You'll understand when you have a little one...I'm thinking soon. Here goes the rumors.

My Name is Lyla from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.

5 Years Today

Five years ago, I married this wonderful, witty, loving and super dad. Happy Anniversary.

Labor Day Weekend

09.05.09 ~ L had to get in the water

We had a great Labor Day weekend enjoying our three day weekend. We need more of them. Saturday was spent on the South Shore celebrating Isabella's 1st birthday. She is so adorable and happy...not a shy baby like L. Well, L is coming out of her attachment to Dave and I. She is more independent. It showed today at daycare drop off when she didn't want me to kiss or hug her good bye and just waved good bye.

The princesses at the party...L marches to her own beat. This was the only photo I could get of L & the group.

Bella, the birthday girl

L had a great time at Bella's party. She loved the bouncy house. She didn't want to give the other kids a turn. When I told her she needed to get out, she went to the other side where I couldn't reach her. She made me go in and get her. She also loved going down the slide or in L's case first climbing up it and then going down.

L & her cousin Reed playing in the pool.

09.06.09 ~ L wanted …

15th Month Check up

8.30.09 ~ L giving me a snort...being silly

L has her 15 month check up yesterday....what a day we had. Of course, I was running late to pick L up for her check and to add to my lateness, I stopped to try and help a man in distress {while L was locked in her car}. Also, route 128 was back up so I had to find a different route. With a little sense of direction, I was able to head in the opposite direction and pick up Route 30 and 16.
L is in the 80+ percentile for height and weight. Her weight was 25.4 pounds and height was 31.5 inches. It surprised me because I thought she was trimming down. All week we struggled with sleep and I thought it might have to do with what the doctor termed "her 15th month molars". It was her molar and an ear infection. Ba Noi will be glad to hear that L went to sleep in her crib tonight with just a little fussing.
Ba Noi was here this week watching L because there was no daycare. We've enjoyed having her here and she was a godsend. Not only did…