Vacation Updates to Come...

8.3.09 ~ Punta Cana

We're back from Van and Tuan's wedding and Punta Cana. I'm trying to catch up on things so I'll post our excellent adventure as soon as I can. A few thoughts...L was amazing on the airplane and is a WATER BABY. The vacation couldn't have been any better. I'll leave you with these photos.

8.1.09 ~ L & Daddy, New Jersey
8.2.09 ~ On the way to Punta Cana

8.3.09 ~ L enjoying the pool, Punta Cana

8.3.09 ~ V & T's White Wedding

8.4.09 ~ L loved being on the boat and seeing the water

8.5.09 ~ L on the beach

8.5.09 ~ L on a walk after dinner

8.6.09 ~ L enjoying the beach

8.7.09 ~ L & Daddy enjoying music on the way home

8.7.09 ~ Daddy giving L her first whole slice of pizza...perfect ending to a fantastic vacation


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