Time Out

8.22.09 ~ L laughing after she drank the water out of the bucket, Dayton

Is fourteen months of age to early to start time outs? We had a wonderful and VERY RELAXING weekend in Maine which ended with two time outs. We attended a birthday party on Saturday {Happy Birthday Adam and Abbey} and spent the rest of the weekend relaxing by the pool. By pool, I mean, L spent the rest of the weekend in the kiddie pool and had to be pulled away from it so we could go home {see photo at the end}.

Nothing says Maine like a summer afternoon outside with good company, a glass of wine, watching L play in the pool, her Ong Noi hanging laundry and the sounds of the insects in the fields. I could do this every day or at least every weekend.

L also enjoyed her time with the "doag" and "ca" also known as dog and cat. She was curious about them and whined when she wanted to pet Balto, but was too afraid to do it. It’s the fear and curiosity at work. She also waited her turn to put her hand in the dog dish. Again, you can see that in the photo below. L is waiting patiently for Balto to finish drinking his water because she was next. She puts her hands in it until I pull her away. She then puts her hands in her mouth. She also enjoyed being playful with Mom. She knows what she can and can not do and so she will test my limits. She’s rocking in her dinner chair and will see how long she can do it before I stop her. She also heads to the stairs, sits on the bottom step and waits for me to come and get her. She just laughs and enjoys me pulling her off them and her hanging off me.

Is it my turn yet?

Now to the time outs…it all started with me saying, “No” to her. I don’t remember what she was doing that made me say no, but after I said it she started to slap me. She gets this look on her face (for those who spend time with her, it’s her determined look) and starts to slap me. I tell her she can’t hit me and sit her in the middle of the floor where she starts to cry. She attempts to give me the pouty look for sympathy that she works with Dave every time. It doesn’t work with me. Once she stops crying, I tell her she can’t do it and she gives me a hug and kiss. 15 minutes later I am telling her no again and she starts to slap me again. L gets another time out and this time she cries harder and is more virulent with her hugs and kisses after her time out. For me, I think giving time outs to my fourteen month old work is just about the right time. Many who spent a lot of time with L says she understands everything she is doing. I agree!

L loves trying to pour water from one cup to the other

L looking excited...she knows she gets to go in

Playing with Ba Noi (L's Dad played with these as a boy)

L & Ba Noi attempting to fill the bird bath

L trying to get out so she can go back in the pool

L crying because she wanted to go back in the pool as we were leaving


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