8.01.09 ~ Van & Tuan's Wedding, New Jersery

L doesn't say much, but she does know how to express herself. I love the picture above. This is L's personality. L understands everything we say and tells us exactly what she needs using body language, pointing or showing us what she wants, and a few words...this, that, sshhhh (shoes). Dave loves that her first word besides Mum and Dad-te is SIT. She hears it often when she's in the bath tub and when putting on her shoes.

She fights sleep, but knows when I say it's bedtime. She waddles to the stairs and once I get the gate open she climbs the stairs. Once we're at the top, I ask her where she wants to go to bed. She heads to the room she wants to sleep in. Last night she wanted to sleep in her room and tonight it was our room.

Below are a few photos from last weekend. We went to Alex's party...aka Dave's crazy friend, Alex. L just loves water and playing dominoes with the boys. I also need to always carry a change of clothes for L because she always heads towards the water.


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